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Running Over A Bicyclist

This would be a trucker's nightmare.  Running over a pedestrian, bicyclist or otherwise someone in or on a small vehicle.  I know a trucker whose trailers tandems ran clean over the head of a teenaged boy.  Wasn't the trucker's fault, but - it messed that driver's head up rather permanently.  He quit truck driving altogether, he simply couldn't handle it anymore.  It wasn't just the fact that he had killed the boy, he also ended up seeing this kid's brains all over the asphalt.

Dicey.  Scary. Unnerving are a few words that describe what hit me the other day, in traffic, in the semi.
I was in a dual left hand turn lane.  I had seen the group of bicyclists cruising down the street before I got to the light, but they were on the right side of the road.  I got up to the left hand turn lane and sat there, looking around, waiting for the light to turn green.

If you are going to sit in the blind spot of semi truck while sitting on a bicycle next to it in traffic a…

Saturday 2/4/2012

What kind of craziness is it that American Express has "no preset spending limit"?!!!I know you have to pay the entire amount charged every month, but what if someone decides to go on a spending spree with the intent of not paying it? Naaah, they must have some kind of built in system to identify a person doing such and stopping it before it goes out of control. 
I have had the card for a week, sitting there wondering whether I should activate it or not.  I am going to give it a try.  Use it for groceries and gas, if such places accept such cards and set a limit at $200 per month.  Use it only for things I would have used my debit card for and make sure I set that money aside as I charge it on the card.  Let the thing build up points for a while and then see if it's even worth having the thing or not.  I mean, really, that's the only thing this card is good for: building up points and using them for whatever you can get with them.  It is not a credit card, really, sin…