Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday/Birthday/Superbowl Sunday 2/5/2012

It has been a pleasant surprise to receive dozens and dozens of Happy Birthday wishes on my main Facebook account.  : )
I had myself talked into staying home from church this morning, but something told me to go - so I did.  Good service.  Ended a bit early as they were having their yearly - corporate meeting or whatever that is required with a quorum of members to be present and vote on board members and such.

Well, I am not a member of that church.  I was going to go through the class and make it official, but they cancelled on me at the last minute as other people who were going to come were sick and had to cancel out.  That was months ago, I have heard nothing since.  Since I couldn't vote and have no say in any of it, I decided not to stay for it.

Instead, my Standing Rib Roast is less than an hour from being done.  However, another tenant made bacon wrapped hotdogs with all kinds of fixin's and I ended up eating 2 of them.  I am not hungry, whatsoever at this point, good thing for refrigerators and the ability to store such.  Doesn't matter, I am sure Mark and Lynnette will partake : )
Roast turned out very nice.    Giants win the Superbowl.  Cool birthday.
Church - sermon -  definitely challenged me today.
I'm intrigued, to say the least.
But - life goes on.  Work tomorrow, the stark reality of it.
I have considered going back to the missionary life.
I don't remember it being any worse than having to deal with the day to day pressures of having a home, job and all that goes with it.  You don't own anything, but then again, what do I really own anyway?  A couple computers, TV's that I could care less about, dogs that I do care about - not unfortunately thank you, umm, some guns, an old car, a 5th wheel travel trailer.  I don't own the house, the bank owns it and will own it for 30 years - which I highly doubt I am going to stay here that long.



A nice day, regardless.



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