Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday 2/6/2012

Randy, my next door neighbor, is moving.  350 man has irritated him to the point that he bought some junky, old mobile home the next street over or some deal like that.  Yes, indeed.  This is the effect of bad neighbors: you don't want to live next to them.  Not that Randy is a stellar example of clean living.  He is also a hoarder.  I know, you think I am exaggerating.  At one point, his back yard was nothing but sea of used, rusted old cars; refrigerators, this that and the other thing.

The junk was so densely packed in there, there were some places that you would have to climb over cars to get anywhere.  Get the picture? Hoarders.  Anyway, he is moving all of his junk to his "new" property, where I am sure he will live in filth and squalor all over again.  So, is he going to build a house on the property next to me or leave it vacant?  No clue.  Don't really care at this point.  350 man is now bugging his neighbors on the other side of him.  Those people are older folks that have lived here a long time now.

I dunno, but when that Injunction Against Harassment runs out, if that guy tries to start trouble with me again, I will be right back down at the court house and will file for yet another Injunction is all I can say about that.

How does it feel to be 48 years old?  The same as 47, lol.  I think the "hurdle" age for me will be when I hit 50.  2 years until that, I can wait, thanks.

Whatever the case, another full work week en-queue.  I'm hopeful to get that Safe Driver bonus in my paycheck coming on Friday. I mean, I am trying to simply avoid Highway Patrol - almost got a nice inspection last week at a rest area that was full of them doing inspections - I got out of there JUST in time. One dude had just finished an inspection and was hurrying to get ready for the next one, or so it appeared, I would have been that next one.  No thanks.  Got out of there in a hurry.

Funny that they will come into a rest area and bother truck drivers who are either trying to sleep or just simply go to the bathroom.  Well, it's not funny at all, actually, I think it's a load of BS.  They'll go into truck stops, too, doing the same thing.  Regardless, the only way to not get warning from them about whatever on your truck is to avoid them like the plague.  I mean, seriously.  A truck that has brand new rubber; good brakes; no broken lugs; no cracks in the suspension or anywhere else; no air leaks - they will find something to write  you up on.  Such as a fire extinguisher with a broken strap.  The thing is on the floor, anyway, but they want to make an issue out of it.

If I am still with the same company through this year - I have no reason to believe I won't but who knows, I can't predict the future - I want that bonus again cause' next time?  I get 2 weeks pay and perks points.  Those points are good to use in a HUGE catalog that is filled with all kinds of stuff.  I don't know how many points a driver gets for his 5th safe driver award, but I would certainly like to find out.

Well, work day approaches. I am going to be watching 350 man's place now a bit more.  See what his intentions are now that Randy is gone.  Is he going to try and buy that property, too?  I sincerely hope that if Randy wants to sell it, he does NOT sell it to that freak.  If I had the money, I would definitely buy it just to keep that guy away from me.  Stick an old mobile on it and rent it.

Anyway, g'day.


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