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Monday 2/6/2012

Randy, my next door neighbor, is moving.  350 man has irritated him to the point that he bought some junky, old mobile home the next street over or some deal like that.  Yes, indeed.  This is the effect of bad neighbors: you don't want to live next to them.  Not that Randy is a stellar example of clean living.  He is also a hoarder.  I know, you think I am exaggerating.  At one point, his back yard was nothing but sea of used, rusted old cars; refrigerators, this that and the other thing.

The junk was so densely packed in there, there were some places that you would have to climb over cars to get anywhere.  Get the picture? Hoarders.  Anyway, he is moving all of his junk to his "new" property, where I am sure he will live in filth and squalor all over again.  So, is he going to build a house on the property next to me or leave it vacant?  No clue.  Don't really care at this point.  350 man is now bugging his neighbors on the other side of him.  Those people are olde…