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I'm Sorry, Did You Say I Have To Pay Taxes On My Taxes? Americredit - A Miserable Auto Loan Company

I got 4 of these 1099 forms from the State of Arizona today.  They're attempting to tell me that my tax refunds that I received last year from previous years is - taxable income.

Now let me get this straight.  I file my TAX returns to the State of Arizona.  I get refunds.  The next year, during tax season, I get 1099's saying that that is "income".  Yes, it's income THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN TAXED and is the return on the OVERPAID taxes!  


Americredit. A miserable company, to say the least.  I washed my hands of them after the head-on collision that wasn't my fault and the truck was destroyed.  A VERY long story I won't bother going into here, but they "repossessed" the destroyed truck - in the impound yard since it had been towed there after the accident - and "gave" it to the insurance company.  I had had numerous conversations with them about getting the truck out of the yard and into my driveway, where I would strip the engin…

Sissoo Trees Revisited

I was delivering one, 24 inch diameter stick of pipe this morning to what turned out to be a nursery  - a tree nursery at that.  Imagine my delight - I love trees and looking at those 25 foot tall pine trees in boxes, ready to be transported wherever - amazing.  I mean there were a LOT of those trees sitting there.

I was talking with the guy that was receiving the pipe - he basically runs this nursery, doesn't own it but he is responsible for the daily operations.  He said the economic downturn? At one point those trees would have been worth upwards of 4k, now I could snag one for a grand.  That quickly turned that switch to the off position for me, I am not spending $1,000 on a tree plus the cost to have it planted in the ground.

We got on the topic of Sissoo trees and he was all over that.  Amazing, wonderful tree, he exclaimed.  I said I had at least 20 of them growing on my property - probably more like 30 but whatever - and saw that they grow up to 40 feet.  Oh nooooo, he s…

Tuesday 2/7/2012

I'm really, kinda, hating....this presidential run from both side of the aisle. I really don't want to hear any more of it and I am tuning it out for now.  I haven't even decided who I want to vote for in the November election - I don't like ANY of the candidates that have any chance of winning right now.  The latest news was Obama's reversal in his stance on "super PACs" - the man is a hypocrite and apparently two-faced.

Bash others for doing something but if it helps him out, then commit the same action regardless. I'll write-in vote for Donald Duck before I vote for Obama.

Anyway.  I have partially decided on a course of action.  If I am staying in this house - and will be stuck in it for a long time if that is my decision versus short-sell, I am definitely going to save up enough money to build a small casita/attached structure - more of a "in-laws suite".  It would be completely self-sufficient - meaning the occupants would never have …