Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday 2/8/2012

The more I think about it, the more I am glad that Americredit did what it did.  If I end up owing the IRS, so beit.  I am not, in other words, thinking that I am going to get any kind of return this year considering that thing being dumped on me.

HP refunded my money for the extended warranty, I was just noticing on my credit card account.  I didn't ask them to do that, they offered it.  The reason I didn't ask them to do that is because I wanted that coverage.  Now that they've done it, I'm going to make sure, once I finally get my computer back - that they are going to give me the free coverage that they claimed they would.  If they do that, then all that time spent on the phone with those people will have been worth it.

I received an email from them stating the turnaround to send the computer back will be on the 10th.  So much for the expedited service, that thing has been with them since - last week.  Oh well, I can live without the thing.  Don't necessarily need to be tied down to electronics all the time.

Whatever the case, I have identified the only real place on my property that a small guest quarters could be built.  Right smack dab where on of the travel trailers is sitting.  No worries, that trailer will be moved out of here soon enough, no later than the end of May.  I am going to use the bonus money on my next paycheck to buy the new mattress and microwave for it and probably going to re-carpet the thing as well.  My mom thought it looked okay, I am thinking different. It really doesn't look that good to me at all.  Not that I am going to live in it, but I want the thing nice and new carpet will definitely make it nice.  It doesn't have to be fancy carpet, just new.  In fact, I want carpet that hides dirt and can withstand a bunch of dogs on it. lol

Anyway, if I can fit it, I'm thinking something like a 15X15 unit.  Not very large, no, but big enough to do what I want with it.  If I can find more room than that, great but I don't want the thing to take up the entire side of my house.  I have to figure out how big I want the thing before I can begin to calculate how much it is going to cost to build it.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of unusable space on my property thanks to the City of Phoenix imposed 25 foot setback from the street out front and 20 feet from the property line in the rear.  No permanent structures can be built on any of that - building the thing behind my house would be ideal.

Can't do it because the utilities are running underground back there - gas, electricity, phone, dunno what else.  Cable is running down the street.

Well, it's sorta stuck in my mind now that I am going to eventually build this guest house and rent it out for additional income.  If it ever comes to fruition, that income will go directly to my savings account.

Whatever the case, the work day is arriving and I must get moving.



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