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Body Fat

The contest at work started early last year.  It was a contest started by an aspiring salesman to see who could lose the most body fat in a specific time period.  It was supposed to end in November.  I was has my body fat measured at the beginning of it, in the 18% range.  Okay, not great.

Certainly not considering the fact that at one point in my life, I was at 4.9% body fat.  I had so little fat on my body that I had people asking: "Do you feel good?".  Why, I would ask?  "Because you have no fat!".

Those days are gone - although I maintained that kind of body fat until my late 30's.

Well, I got a call from that salesman today: "Hey bro (younger guy, early 20's, usually pretty cool, but we won't go into the "uncool" times), wassup?".  If nothing else, it is always good to try and maintain as good a relationship with the people at your employment as you possibly can, even if they are arrogant, condescending, snooty, high-minded. go…


I had completely forgotten about the new Verizon Wireless account for mobile broadband.  I paid the first month plus the next month plus the activation fee.  But, I haven't had the laptop in a week now and the bill went into the cobweb sector of my brain.

I don't really know what brought it up in my mind, I didn't receive a notice or a phone call or anything.  It just popped up: uh-ohhhh, you have a bill you forgot about.  So, finding the paperwork, I call their 800 number and go through the automated system.  Turns out it's only 1 day late and also turns out that I am not going to be hit with some sort of outrageous late fee, such as you definitely expect to get hit with with credit card payments that are late.

Caleb informed me that he put in his 2 week notice.  Notice to quit work, that is.  I mean, he had informed me a few days before that that he was going to quit - in a month or two.  Suddenly that is ratcheted up to 2 weeks from now.  I didn't say anything …

2/9/2012 Thursday

Not a heckuvalot going on right now.
Not that there always needs to be, lol.
No new news on any tenants - just that one broke the knob off the hot water valve for the shower in the bathroom and left an apologetic message this morning.
Nice.  A tenant finally takes responsibility for something.  Not that I hold it against that person, I will replace whatever needs to be replaced and that will be the end of that.
Was going to take some measurements yesterday and see how much space I would have for building a casita - but I totally spaced it out.  I think  I was a bit tired yesterday and just wanted to relax after a long day at work.

Gilbert - the 21 year old tenant - was out on the side of my house taking pics and videos of my ponds yesterday.
He stated he was going to send them to his mother and try to convince her to do her own pond.  These small ponds are incredibly easy care/maintenance.  Clean out the filters every 2 to 3 weeks or even a month and that's about it besides fee…