Friday, February 10, 2012

I have decided that I am going to go to the special church meeting tonight.

I don't really feel like it, but I feel oddly compelled to go.  Which usually means I will definitely get something out of it.  What, exactly, I have no clue, but I will find out when I get there, I guess.

Which reminds me, I need a new Bible.  My brother gave me $60 cash for Christmas which is still sitting there.  I figured to use it for something that I wanted, not needed.  Okay, I did say I "need" a new Bible, translate to I WANT a new Bible.  Of course, reading the Bible on line is way cool since you can look up as many different versions of any particular scripture you want to search out as you want.

However, the old-fashioned way of reading the Bible is also quite appealing to me.  I like reading it both ways, really: online and on paper.

Whatever the case, I must leave soon and need to freshen up a bit.



Friday 2/10/2012

So there it was.  Opened up my online account and saw the paycheck with the 2 weeks extra pay in there, shining in all it's monetarial glory.
Wait a minute.  It's  just money, no glory about it.
I'm going to finish the trailer with the extra money and hopefully have it ready to be moved in the not too distant future.
I'm figuring another $500 should finish the job on it nicely.

2 more years.  Geeeeeze.  That's how long it is until the car is paid off.  Endless car payments.  Eternal.  Sick of it.

Plans this weekend include continuing work on the trailer roof, I need to get that done now that I have the means to get everything else done on it.  That kid I've hired twice now to do a bunch of junk outside that I don't want to do wants to come back. I have stucco paint and I am considering having him paint the wall out front of the house next to the sidewalk and running up alongside the west side.

There is a special church meeting going on tonight that I am considering going to as well.  I've also been invited to go to the movies, though it's with a person I have some serious reservations about in several factors of consideration.

My laptop allegedly is getting sent back to me today, at least according to the email I read several days ago.  Maybe they have an update email in there.  No, nothing yet.  Something tells me - based upon my limited experience with this company - that they aren't going to be doing ANYTHING before they say they are going to.  I do expect it to get sent out today, however, and if it's not, I'll be going through the phone maze again with them.

And that's it for now, as work day calls and I must be leaving in a few minutes.  Lots to do today, too, keep me busy all day long and then some : )



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