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Sunday 2/12/2012

Umm, well, here we are.
Sunday.  No more NFL football.
Not a big fan of basketball anymore, not because I don't like the game but because of the abundant, stupid, selfish attitudes of the players. I have never liked soccer.  Hockey I watch once in a blue moon.  Baseball I also steer away from, though I used to be an avid fan.

No great loss, just musing.  Went to church today and the guest speaker was back for round 2.  Good sermon, but I am considering leaving the church altogether.  I have never been a fan of the cliques in church.  I saw them when I was a leader in the church and balked at it.  People get into these little groups and will not go beyond them.  I never thought it was anything Christian to engage in such and now on the receiving end of it, I definitely don't think it is now.

Receiving end meaning these people have been together for years, it's a church plant from Memphis, Tennessee.  I cannot find a way into any of it, though I have tried.  These people w…