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HP And My Laptop

I had all but admitted defeat on this one.  That's because of the unbelievable attitudes with that company that I received across the board.  Umm, excepting on individual, the manager from Denver.

The only thing I had definitively concluded was that I was NOT going to pay them $359 to have a new LCD screen put on the thing and if that mean voiding the warranty, who cares.  If that was the price everywhere, it probably would not have gotten fixed.  Instead, I had received quotes for $125 and $150 to replace the screen - screen included in that price.

Well, as one of my final attempts, I called the guy from Colorado who did not answer, of course, since it's his off days, and left a message.  The message was plain and to several points.  Why is your company wanting to charge me $359 to replace a screen on a computer that I bought for not much more than that?  When I have found 2 places already, locally, that will do it for a third of the cost?  And other things.  I actually did …