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When I Spend

You get home after a looooong day at work and you sometimes just want to be left alone.  I mean, 11 hours today, straight, working my @$$ off from the time I started til' the minute I ended.  It was that kind of day - most of them are, actually, but they don't normally go on that long.

I walk through the door and not 5 minutes behind that the kid that walks the dogs comes walking in.  I was in no mood.  I finally had to tell him that I am tired, had a long day at work, PLEASE.  Well, teenagers don't get hints, I guess.  He went into the living room and started messing with the dogs.  Again, PLEASE stop, now.

This kid hangs around for 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I hate to be rude and tell him to leave, so I just hoped he would do it on his own.  He  finally did.  RIGHT after that, a tenant comes out and starts cooking.   Oh my gosh.   I start hearing this story about how Lynnette crashed into a telephone pole last night, I guess it was, because she didn't want to wait for …

Tuesday 2/14/2012

I get it now why this other guy was so adamant about sending the computer in versus having a tech come out and do it:  so he could make me eat it.  He had claimed that I had verbally abused his buddy associate by using profanity and this, that and the other thing.  I calmly replied that I had not used any profanity, not even the hint of it and that she was the one that hung up on me after insisting that I wasn't "her" customer, she therefore couldn't and wouldn't answer my questions.

I could be way off on that guess.  The guy clearly didn't want to talk to me, which is unfortunate for him because I will be calling him back and asking him about the extended warranty. I will be calling the manager from Denver back and thanking him for his intervention - once I get my laptop back, that is.  Whatever the case, I do expect to see it landing soon.

Umm, I just looked: I finally got automated email apologizing for "delay" (in reality, this thing should ha…