Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When I Spend

You get home after a looooong day at work and you sometimes just want to be left alone.  I mean, 11 hours today, straight, working my @$$ off from the time I started til' the minute I ended.  It was that kind of day - most of them are, actually, but they don't normally go on that long.

I walk through the door and not 5 minutes behind that the kid that walks the dogs comes walking in.  I was in no mood.  I finally had to tell him that I am tired, had a long day at work, PLEASE.  Well, teenagers don't get hints, I guess.  He went into the living room and started messing with the dogs.  Again, PLEASE stop, now.

This kid hangs around for 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I hate to be rude and tell him to leave, so I just hoped he would do it on his own.  He  finally did.  RIGHT after that, a tenant comes out and starts cooking.   Oh my gosh.   I start hearing this story about how Lynnette crashed into a telephone pole last night, I guess it was, because she didn't want to wait for the bus.  Now her bike is trashed and so is she, apparently.  I haven't seen her, I don't really know.

I dunno.
There are times when living in a shack sounds better than having all these people around.  I can normally put up with it, but incredibly, people don't get the clue when I am not in the mood to talk.  Do I HAVE to be sociable 24 hours a day in my own home?  Are you?  No, you say, but I don't rent rooms to people.  So what.  I don't go to their bedroom doors and start knocking, either.

Ahhhhh, whatever, I'm just cranky. Going to go to bed early tonight.  I will have another long day tomorrow, probably not as long as today, but it is already filled up as far as stuff to do in the truck routing system goes.  It was nicely chilled outside all day long today.  I don't think the high was over the mid 50's.  Very nice, indeed.

Driving back to the yard today in heavy traffic.  Took off from a light and had gotten my speed up to where I was behind the vehicle in front of me.  There is a lane to the right of me - but it ends.  Everyone knows it ends cause' it is WELL posted.  But, people try to use it as a passing lane and cut other drivers off, anyway.  All the time.  Well, this guy in this pickup truck comes flying up beside me.  The lane ends - but not for about another 200 or more feet.  He starts coming over - into my lane - into ......me!  I had nowhere to go and I just kept driving.  The driver is either going to get the clue that he is going to slam into my truck and back off or - he is going to slam into my truck.

People see trucks and use them as cut points.  They don't care what they do directly in front of you, either.  Cut you off with half a car's length distance and then slam on their brakes to avoid rear-ending the car in front of them, notwithstanding the fact that they are causing me to apply heavy pressure to the braking system on the truck in an attempt to avoid a collision because they are too freaking stupid to understand that what they have just done in cutting me off in a semi truck is akin to an elephant stamping on an ant in "elephant traffic".

More likely, they don't give a damn.  The driver backed off and got behind me, which is what he should have done in the first place.  Actually, the lane he was in was a turning lane, not a passing lane and it is - as I said - clearly marked.

Highway Patrol.  Came flying up beside me in the HOV lane today and camped out beside me.  No clue.  Well, yes, a clue.  He's inputting information into a computer - taking the number off the door.  That particular number identifies the company, not the truck.  What comes up is the company's standing in the newest system they have, which identifies where the company is at in terms of compliance.  Long story not going to go into, it's all on the net anyway.  I wasn't speeding, I WAS too close to the car in front of me but only because that driver saw the cop and hit the brakes, hard.  I let the safe distance accumulate again.  A few minutes of this and he sped up - way up and took off down the highway.

I am, at this point, doing whatever I can to simply avoid Highway Patrol and all the rest of the law enforcement agency's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers driving particular style vehicles.  The cities have them, the county has them, the state has them oh and let's not forget about the Feds.  I had the wonderful pleasure of being pulled over at random by Feds once.  An hour and a half.

The reason for avoiding them - not at ALL costs but certainly as much as possible - is the endearment for preservation of job.

Anyway.  It's almost my bedtime,  a bit earlier than usual, yes.  I had some strange dreams last night - but entertaining once I woke up and thought about it, lol.  Dreams can have you or others doing things that are physically impossible to do, lol.



Tuesday 2/14/2012

I get it now why this other guy was so adamant about sending the computer in versus having a tech come out and do it:  so he could make me eat it.  He had claimed that I had verbally abused his buddy associate by using profanity and this, that and the other thing.  I calmly replied that I had not used any profanity, not even the hint of it and that she was the one that hung up on me after insisting that I wasn't "her" customer, she therefore couldn't and wouldn't answer my questions.

I could be way off on that guess.  The guy clearly didn't want to talk to me, which is unfortunate for him because I will be calling him back and asking him about the extended warranty. I will be calling the manager from Denver back and thanking him for his intervention - once I get my laptop back, that is.  Whatever the case, I do expect to see it landing soon.

Umm, I just looked: I finally got automated email apologizing for "delay" (in reality, this thing should have been done and sent back to me by last MONDAY) and that it may take a while longer to get it shipped out to me.

Well I just burned up my pre-work hour and now I have to leave.  A huge order to pull this morning, I know the manager didn't get it all done, so I will be busy today : )



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