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So I was reading Fin's blog - going on longer time internet friend type of thing - about his disdain for the dog that was announced the winner at Westminster this year.  Yes, I had the same thought: how can a dog that looks like it was just crapped out of an elephant's @$$ win the Best In Show?

I am apparently a racist when it comes to dogs: ugly dogs should not win dog shows. Certainly, they should not win the Premiere doggy show of basically the entire world.

Which brought back the memory of when I was reading the AKC definition of what a Great Dane should look like in all appearances including bone stucture; head; stance; etc etc etc.  I read that and thought about Duke, my 150 pound Great Dane who is, admittedly, a genetic failure.

His tail is about a foot and a half long and has a 3 inch 90 degree, permanent bend at the end.  His gait is hilarious, certainly nothing of "quality" Dane stock.  He's the goofiest dog on earth, well, he and Copper, lol, would h…

Wednesday 2/15/2012

I got home yesterday from work and had forgotten that M Power was low - like so low the power would be out by midnight.  I had to turn right back around and head up to the store.  No, not the end of the world, but that one will stick with me for a while - don't do THAT again.

Caleb just now came out and said his last day of work is today.

I wish my last day of work was today, forever.  But it isn't and isn't anywhere near it.

Did I say I am still a bit cranky this morning?

Next time I come home from work - the second time per yesterday - and people aren't leaving me alone if/when I don't feel like being around people - I am just going to disappear into my bedroom.

I need my laptop back.  What is the deal? They say they are going to fix it for free now, but they haven't got it done.  How long does it take a trained repair person to replace a computer screen on a laptop? Certainly not days.  In fact, I would imagine they would have it down to a science and hav…