Thursday, February 16, 2012

Government Subsidized Free Cellphone Service?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you freaking serious?  Now - for however long this has been going on - the taxpayers are paying for "underprivileged" people to get FREE cellphone service, cellphone included?!!

“Lifeline Assistance is part of a program that was created by the government to provide discounted or free telephone service to income-eligible consumers. To help bring you this important benefit, SafeLink Wireless is proud to offer Lifeline Service. Through our Lifeline Service you will receive FREE cellular service, a FREE cell phone, and FREE Minutes every month! SafeLink Wireless Service does not cost anything – there are no contracts, no recurring fees and no monthly charges.”

 I'm sorry, but this is total bullshit. WHY are WE paying for people to get free cellphone service? As long as you qualify for food stamps - the only criteria - then you get free cellphone service for life.  Now, let's get all of this down on a sheet of paper:  Poor people can: Get cash assistance from the government; get food stamps - from same-said government; get free housing through Hud - yes, the government again; get WIC benefits, totally free of course - from the government;  get free medical/health insurance - yup, the governement AND NOW get free cell phone service, too?  And what about this idea of theirs to get free internet service to everyone "that qualifies" as well?

If you are a poor person and you are living free off of the government and have been most or all of your life, WHAT possible incentive do you have to get OFF of the gravy train? PLEASE tell me how this is actually helping people in any way, shape or form?  Besides, of course, to enjoy even more of my tax dollars going to  the "fairness doctrine" that Obama embraces.  The idea that we should all, for whatever reason, be equals.  Perhaps in the sight of God that is true, with life, that definitely isn't true and never is going to be.  No, this is total and complete bullshit.  I would love for anyone to please explain how this is any thing but a BAD idea?

Thursday 2/16/2012

So, overnight, the information posted on my account on HP has finally changed.  It went from "there might be a delay in shipping" to looking at the tracking number with Fed Ex and finding out my computer is at a sorting facility somewhere in Phoenix, right now and is to be delivered to my house today.

Finally.  Not that I have REALLY missed the thing, I can live without it, but I enjoy having it around when I am sitting in the semi, waiting to get unloaded and can surf the internet or write emails or whatever I want to do, really.

I am stuck with this computer - or more to the point - the company that manufactured this computer and there is no way around that.  If I ever have to buy another laptop again, it most certainly will NOT be an HP product is all I can say about that.  I am going to make sure and follow up about this free extended warranty.  I am quite sure that dude that offered it is not going to want to hear the sound of my voice ever again, so it will be good for him to simply give it to me or I will be calling the other guy again.  If you are going to promise something, then with me? Best to follow through with it, thank you.

I have $550 to go to pay off that trailer.  I will be VERY glad to get that done and over with.  That's a bit of a hit on my monthly expenses right now - just 2 full and a 3rd partial payment to go and it's done.  Then I can go about the task of trying to either sell it or trade it for a pickup.  I was speaking with my mother last night, I figure the trailer is worth around 3K.  She thinks about that and says: well what kind of truck can you buy for 3 thousand dollars?  Not a new one, rest assured, mother.  It's that or sell the thing and put a trailer hitch on my car and buy a small trailer.  Whatever the case, hopefully 3 months from now both of these trailers will be out of my driveway permanently and then I can focus my attention on my newest goal: a guesthouse/casita/whatever you want to call it.

I am saving money towards that end.  It will take a while to save up enough to build the thing, though.   I can do much of the construction myself, but I honestly have no clue how to build trusses for the roof.

Well, anyway, it's time to be off to work.  Not that much to do as of yesterday afternoon in the truck routing system.  I sort of hope that changes, but then again, there is lots of cleanup that needs to be done at the yard, I haven't had time to do much of it and it starts getting really bad looking out there after a few weeks of pulling orders and loading them on the truck. Rocks; pieces of pallets; cardboard this that and the other thing laying everywhere.



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