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This and That

I'm fighting a mind battle that I may eventually lose.
I took the dive back into the church scene - 8 months ago?  I don't know. last year some time.
I was intent on getting back into it to the fullest.
I find myself not wanting to go to church tomorrow and though I may force myself to go, my
mind will probably not change about the situation.
Of course, that's today, who knows about tomorrow - and not going to spend the time going into all of it.

Meanwhile, Caleb is applying to go back up to the mountains and be a staff member at the - internationally known - ministry that has a camp up there that parents send their kids to from all over the country.  He undoubtedly will get the gig.  I have been getting used to the idea of not having him around since - that's the natural progression of things when it comes to your kids, them growing up and going out on their own.  I have no judgments on his choices of what he is doing with his life.  There are things I would love to s…

A Conversation With My Son

I went out to the mailbox a while ago.
Started looking at all of it.
One of them was in a plain, white envelope.
It's sender was the "City of Mesa".
I immediately identified that letter as a photo radar ticket.
I started thinking.  You know when you're caught by those
cameras cause' those lights that flash are bright.

But, I don't speed or run red lights through the City of Mesa.
I drive through there frequently in the semi, which is why I am
extra-cautious to make sure I am not breaking any moving-violation
type of laws.

So, I simply couldn't figure that one out.

Brought the mail inside the house, drew a deep breath and
opened the letter.  My old Buick.  Small type and small pictures,
so I go out the reading glasses. 4 pictures, 2 inches square.  One
with the license plate of my old Buick; second with a picture of my
son behind the steering wheel; third with the car just beyond the
crosswalk lines, not even yet turning; 4th about half way through the

Saturday 2/18/2012

Kinda strange.  I went online to pay my new American Express card down to zero.  It wouldn't let me.  I made the first payment but after that?  Not able to do anything.  I would rather not have a balance that I know I am going to have to pay down to zero hanging around. I had thought you could just pay it up whenever - I would prefer to pay it down as you use it, but I guess not.

Trailer roof time today.  It will require 2 things: a cigar and a couple of beers.  Liquid motivation is better than none at all. I have absolutely no desire to get up there and do all that is required to be done to pull off that other roof vent and install a new one.  Sounds easy, right?  Yeah, in a pig's eye. Those old screws have been in there for 25 years.  They have been covered over with coatings of elastomeric roof coating multiple times.

One thing I learned long ago: if you need to re-coat a roof vent like that with more sealant? Best to remove the old sealant, first.  And I mean remove it do…