Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday 2/19/2011

I've had this terrible headache since I woke up this morning.  Not the first time I have woken up with a headache but it REALLY sucks.
Oh well.
I did not go to church but I have been pulling weeds, anyway.
I gave the pear tree out front a very good, deep watering yesterday.
It has now decided that it's going to send out buds as well.  Actually, leaves popped out as of today.
Crazy tree.
I don't hug trees but I do like them.  Which doesn't mean I am opposed to cutting them suckers down for the purposes of building houses; making paper goods, furniture and whatever else.
But that's trees from out in the forests, no need to cut down my trees for such purposes.
Just like meat, God put them there for our use, not to worship and try to tell people that it's some how immoral to cut down trees or kill animals for the use of food and clothing.

If anything, they are helping with the polluted air around here.

But I've had enough  for one day.  I was out at one of the ponds looking into it.  The big, black Koi was just hovering there, looking at me.  Waiting for food.  This went on for several minutes - looking at each other - until I caved in and went into the house and got a bid handful of Koi pellets.  Amazing how a big fish can live in a small pond.  Is it good for them? Dunno. But they grew that way from being much smaller.  I can't help them. Well I can, sell them and have them in larger ponds at someone else's place, but for right now?  I am keeping the big ones.

My favorite aircraft of all time.  I have always wanted to fly anywhere, wherever - long flight though - first class.  Bucket list thing.  I also want to take a trip in a 787.  Impossible?  Well, I'm not doing that today, but definitely possible.  I have only flow in a 747 once, actually, memorable experience for a variety of reasons.  I was a kid, number one.  Number 2, the plane was maybe 1/8th filled with people.  Number 3, the stewardesses didn't care where we sat.  Number 4 - I was deathly sick - hives all over my body after getting an injection of Penicillin and thus finding out that I am allergic to Penicillin.  I loved that flight even if I was puking and nauseated because of the sickness I was going through.  I was a good little puker, though, I made sure it all went into the plastic puke bags and took care of it after done, didn't leave it for the stewardesses to have to deal with, unless you contend that taking out a trash bag full of garbage is dealing with it.

I have always been infatuated with flying and aircraft, especially large aircraft, though I have plenty of flying time - as a passenger - in Cessna's of various sizes. Oh, Piper's as well.  Umm, some other brand, too.  What is the name of that funky looking, old thing that has propellers in the front and the rear of the fuselage? Got to fly in one of those, too.

Just musing.  Places I want to live and things I want to do before my life cycle ends and I start into a different journey : )

Took a trip to Walmart - dog food, 80 pounds worth - and the Chinatown Buffet.  Great food : )  I bought 5 styrofoam containers worth: 1 for Caleb; 2 for Mark and Lynnette; 1 for Gilbert - the 20-something tenant who is always giving me food or drink; and of course one for myself.  Uhhh, yeah: NONE for the dogs.  I bought them a large box of doggy biscuits instead, which they were consuming with great delight I might add.

A couple of pics from the fishing expidition.  The white on the rocks is - bird dung.  Lol.  The other one is Caleb.  I may have posted these before, but I am just reminding myself how cool that trip was, out there off the Mexican coast, catching fish and enjoying life.
Mom at Christmas.  I challenged her to hold the rifle with her new hat, jacket and boots on, lol.

Never quite got her to do anything that adventurous before!

Whatever the case, a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...