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Sunday 2/19/2011

I've had this terrible headache since I woke up this morning.  Not the first time I have woken up with a headache but it REALLY sucks.
Oh well.
I did not go to church but I have been pulling weeds, anyway.
I gave the pear tree out front a very good, deep watering yesterday.
It has now decided that it's going to send out buds as well.  Actually, leaves popped out as of today.
Crazy tree.
I don't hug trees but I do like them.  Which doesn't mean I am opposed to cutting them suckers down for the purposes of building houses; making paper goods, furniture and whatever else.
But that's trees from out in the forests, no need to cut down my trees for such purposes.
Just like meat, God put them there for our use, not to worship and try to tell people that it's some how immoral to cut down trees or kill animals for the use of food and clothing.

If anything, they are helping with the polluted air around here.

But I've had enough  for one day.  I was out at one of…