Monday, February 20, 2012


I did not finish the discussion I was engaged in this morning and want to get this nailed down.

This regarding the potential situation at my mother's property, up north, in the mountains, in the pines, but with increasing amounts of neighbors.

So, the last time I was up there, the people next to her - a property that had had no-one living on it for decades - was occupied by a retired couple who owned the property and showed up out of the blue and declared this was their permanent retirement home.

All well and good.  I have no issue with that, it's their property, my mother's days of having almost total solitude are over.  That is the way she likes it, btw.  She isn't a loner, per-se, but she does like her privacy and peace on her own property.  All well and good as well and expected, actually, that you should be able to have peace and privacy on your own property.

She made statements for a long time about the fact that if I wanted to move an RV up there, she would be all for it.  I'm family, different story than neighbors.  I talk to my mother on the phone at least once a week, we are at least relatively close.  Don't see each other that often, but at least we communicate frequently enough.

Also, the last time I was up there, the neighbor next to her neighbor also showed up, out of the blue.  He was half done building his cabin.  He was yelling at his other neighbor - not in anger but to get his attention since the properties aren't exactly small - for whatever purpose.

But what  I saw the entire time I was up there? People that like to make a lot of noise and draw attention to themselves, a thing that I absolutely do NOT want to encounter when I go to the mountains. I did not go to the fence and introduce myself, I had inclination of doing so after the dude got on a Bobcat (small earth-moving machine) with a broken exhaust system, fired it up and making a LOT of noise for what, 2 hours?

I may end up meeting them, but my "guard" will be up.  Live in peace, thank you and let's remember this isn't some NFL stadium where you expect to hear a lot of noise, thanks.  I don't even want to guess about the dude next to those people ............... I'l be content with an RV that is in good shape and serves my camping needs quite swimmingly. If I were retired and had property up there? Sure, I would want a permanent structure, too.  But again, that isn't the problem, is it?

So, I dunno now.  I'm sort of having second thoughts about this.  Yes, quite the change from everything written up to now, but it sounds like more BS than it's worth.  When I go up to the mountains, it's to get  AWAY from people and all the s*** that is to be found in the big city.  I am not going to act in some way that isn't who I am because it's my mother's property.  If some jackass starts a bunch of s***, I am not going to just stand there and take it, as I have said before.

I guess I am too far into this to not follow through with it and at least give it a try, but geeze.  I am doing this on my own dime, thank you, not my mother's.  What does THAT mean?  It means that if I have to, if it doesn't work out, I will just have that trailer dragged off the property and brought back down here and set back into my driveway.  It also means that,  while I respect my mother, just because it's her property doesn't mean I am going to change who I am or how I respond to stupid people who get in your face.

So, I am going to shed all of that since I am going to go through with this and hope for the best.  Here's what I am really afraid of: one of these jackasses is going to come to her property while I am there, start talking their trash to her and I am going to hear it.  If you think I am going to stick my hands into my pockets and walk away squeamishly while some bastard is verbally abusing my mother?  Yeah.  That person will be changing their tone and quickly or that person is going to find out how I feel about them talking to my mother in such a manner.

Hmm, that's enough.

: )


Monday 2/20/2012

Long discussion with mother yesterday, who brought up the subject, not me.
That's because we have already had a couple of discussions about this, but, whatever.
This to do with the kinds of people that are living up "there" now.  Apparently, more and more
formerly empty/abandoned properties are being occupied by their owners - who have decided
to go up there and build cabins.

It's getting busy up there, is what she is saying.  Which doesn't bother me, there aren't THAT many
properties up there.  There is only one of those properties currently for sale, I know, I looked.  I
was hoping maybe I could snag one and make payments on it for - 30 years I guess.  They want
$250,000 for that property that is unimproved and has no structures of any kind on it. 250k for an
empty property?  In a pig's eye. Those properties up there aren't worth that much money.  In fact,
I would be willing to be that some of those fancy new cabins will become the subject of short sells.

If we were talking 75k, I would look into it.

She just doesn't want me going up there and starting trouble, since she knows all about my neighbor situation down here.  All well and good, but I didn't START the problems here.  The situation with 350 man was definitely started by him sticking his nose into my personal business and attempting to tell everyone living here that they would have to move.  As much as I told her that, she went on because she knows that if someone starts something with me, I am unlikely to just stand there and have someone s****** on my face and taking it.  She is 76 years old and probably doesn't really have the desire or energy to get into such things, but from what I have heard, there have been some residents up there certainly giving her a hard time.

Mostly coming from the HOA, of which she refuses to join and actually went through her lawyer to have a paper of some kind sent to that HOA declaring that she is no part of it and will not BE any part of it.  She was there when they started it up and it was started up - quite illegally.  There are also rumors that have yet to be factualized that the President of the HOA has taken some of the dues that came in and used it on his own, personal business.  THAT most certainly will NOT work for me.  But, I have no desire to go up to a nice, cool spot in the mountains to start trouble.  It would have to come to me and it would have to actually get in my face for me to even want to get involved in that s***.

She went on further to say that the hold in the ground that is the outhouse is almost filled up. It's been filling up for years.  The biggest problem is that there is never any water dumped on it to help break it down.  She has a 500 gallon tank of water that she declares lasts her the entire summer.  I would suggest that if you emptied out a tank of water into that hole, that stuff would break down and at least even out at the bottom of the hole.  I know, gross subject but one that I am apparently going to have to face.  The problem, really, is that the ground is so hard and full of rock, she was not able to get the backhoe operator that originally dug the hole to get any deeper than what he had gone.  Well, that's simply because he ran into solid rock and to get past that, well, you are going to have to use other methods.

So, I am not really sure the answer to that problem other than to have another hold dug and build another outhouse structure around it.  She was going to have a septic system installed, but it was going to cost a truckload of money simply because of the situation with the rocky ground and attempting to dig a hole big enough for the system.  She's not really into spending money on such things.  Just as she abandoned the idea of building a cabin, or having a modular home brought up, or even having a mobile home installed.  She ran into too many "problems" with the sellers.  Those problems are the fact that if a seller tells my mother one thing and then comes along and changes the parameters of it, especially anything to do with the money part of what was already agreed upon?  She's a goner.  No thanks, gets up and walks out.  That's what she did with the mobile home dealer that she was going to purchase a new one with - they had the thing all worked out and then they attempted to throw a wrench into it with "more costs".  She wouldn't even discuss it with them, she had a contract and that was that.

Instead of pursuing the contract, she just said no thanks after stopping into give them a check one day and left - check in hand.

Lol, that's my mother.

Anyway, have to pursue this topic some other time's time to go to work!



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