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I did not finish the discussion I was engaged in this morning and want to get this nailed down.

This regarding the potential situation at my mother's property, up north, in the mountains, in the pines, but with increasing amounts of neighbors.

So, the last time I was up there, the people next to her - a property that had had no-one living on it for decades - was occupied by a retired couple who owned the property and showed up out of the blue and declared this was their permanent retirement home.

All well and good.  I have no issue with that, it's their property, my mother's days of having almost total solitude are over.  That is the way she likes it, btw.  She isn't a loner, per-se, but she does like her privacy and peace on her own property.  All well and good as well and expected, actually, that you should be able to have peace and privacy on your own property.

She made statements for a long time about the fact that if I wanted to move an RV up there, she would be …

Monday 2/20/2012

Long discussion with mother yesterday, who brought up the subject, not me.
That's because we have already had a couple of discussions about this, but, whatever.
This to do with the kinds of people that are living up "there" now.  Apparently, more and more
formerly empty/abandoned properties are being occupied by their owners - who have decided
to go up there and build cabins.

It's getting busy up there, is what she is saying.  Which doesn't bother me, there aren't THAT many
properties up there.  There is only one of those properties currently for sale, I know, I looked.  I
was hoping maybe I could snag one and make payments on it for - 30 years I guess.  They want
$250,000 for that property that is unimproved and has no structures of any kind on it. 250k for an
empty property?  In a pig's eye. Those properties up there aren't worth that much money.  In fact,
I would be willing to be that some of those fancy new cabins will become the subject of short…