Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Ummm, I was up and out early this morning, hence no post until now.  I got a call late last night that a contractor wanted some pipe out there early in the morning - pipe we didn't even have and would have to go to the manufacturer's to pick up and deliver.  Well, best laid plans of man - the salesman ordered the wrong size pipe and it took an hour and a half, sitting there, to fix that problem and get out of there.  Then there were other problems along the way.  End of story?  The 7:30 am to 8:00 am delivery didn't happen until 11:00 am and ther wasn't a bloomin' thing I could do about it.

So, when there is nothing I can do about a problem caused by another person, I definitely don't lose any sleep over it.

Meanwhile, we have in the news, yet again, the notion that gasoline prices are going to rise above $5 per gallon, coming soon to a gas station near you.  We've heard this a couple of times in the past now and the last time they said it, prices actually ended up going DOWN, not up.

But, if they are correct in their prediction, then that may put a huge damper in my travelling plans coming this summer.  250 or more miles round trip up to the mountains.  Huh.  I dunno, not going to worry about it, cross that bridge if/when we get to it.  Meanwhile, the other doom and gloomers are predicting the economic melt down to occur within 180 days.  A bridge I definitely do not want to cross over, but if we get there, again, what are you going to do.  Fret and worry?  I don't have enough in my 401k account to really feel any kind of pressure from it.  If I had 100k or more in it, yes, that could cause some sleepless nights, this is the real hit they are talking about.  The inflation part of it has already started.

The last real hit to 401k accounts definitely took a hit on my account, but not much later, it all came back.  Would have have happened if I had a bigger hit and more to regain?  I have no idea.  But it does reinforce the idea that my savings is not only going to be in a retirement account, it is also going to be in a bank savings account until it gets enough money in it to start investing in whatever I can find that will give a decent return without TOO much risk.

Umm, so whatever.  I am tired.  That call just before I went to bed last night put my mind into some mode that made it difficult to sleep and then to stay asleep.  I was going to go to "small groups" - a thing started this week at church, but I am totally wiped out.  I just can't even think of going and sitting through a meeting until 8:30 pm.  I fully intend on being in bed by 8:00pm.  I have decided to continue on with this church in the hopes that possibly these small meetings will break open some doors of otherwise cliqued people.  If that doesn't work - but I will give it ample time - then I will find something else to do with my free time.

The kid that quit the choir because of a song they were "forced" to sing which had the following phrase: ""there is no truth except Allah".  Ummm, I have already done my home work on the word Allah and the phrase means "
The name of God among Muslims (and Arab Christians).
Now, I just got that off a dictionary thing off the internet, yes, but I have read and read and read more excerpts than I care to admit to attempt to understand what this word actually means to the people that speak it.  If you notice, it also means "God" to Arab Christians and also Jewish Arabs.   Okay, it's true that most of Americana hears the word and equates it with the Muslim faith and then equate the term Muslin with hostility, violence and anger, I get that. I have had, as a missionary, my dealings with Muslim missionaries and they were extremely HATEFUL of white people and more so of Christianity.  I know, that statement isn't going to set well with some people, but, that is my own, personal experience with it.

I had opportunity to experience wide ranging sets of encounters with all kinds of religions, things you may not even have heard of before.  But one thing always remained constant: whenever confronted by Muslims and their version of proselytizing, when I told them I was Christian, that was the end of it.  They would get angry and in some cases even start threatening physical violence.  

Completely sidetracked.  If the song they were singing was a Muslim song and truly was offensive to the kid, just don't sing the song. Ask to sit it out.  In this case, quitting doesn't really serve anything very well and his parents should, I believe, have helped him to understand that.  Yes, he brought attention to the school and the fact they are, apparently, singing Muslim songs. If it were an atheist and it was a Christian centered song, this thing would have blown up already. Sue the school, whatever.  But, still, quitting probably wasn't the best answer.  Drawing attention to what they are doing - might have worked better without the Q word being involved.

My two cents.  

My search for a queen sized mattress goes on.  I can't find anyone - yet - that wants to deliver it.  Or if they will deliver it, that wants to do it without charging a freakin' fortune to do so.  It so completely sucks not having a pickup truck anymore- I had them for years until that accident and then opted for a 4 door car.  Okay, not that bad of a mistake, my big car gets decent gas mileage.  


Interlude.  My son came out and here we are talking beyond when I wanted to go to bed - by 15 minutes.
Well, not that bad.


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...