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Wednesday 2/22/2012

I wrote an entire entry this morning, posted it, came home from work today and poof, it was gone.  However, it WAS in my dashboard as a draft.
Well, I posted the bloomin' thing, why did it go to a draft instead?

Who cares. I have a hundred drafts in there that will never be posted, that one joins them. I almost always would just rather start over and do another one fresh if enough time has passed, which it definitely has.

My pastor writes me an email to my company email account today (which is no problem, was just a bit surprised to find it in there).  Haven't really heard from him in almost 3 weeks now.  He asks me how I am doing and such.

I replied that Sunday, I had a splitting headache almost all day long (the truth, thank you) and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  Mentioned a few other things that were of no consequence and then stated that I was also having some mind battles, of which I did not elaborate.

He wrote back and talked about the groups and how h…