Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday 2/22/2012

I wrote an entire entry this morning, posted it, came home from work today and poof, it was gone.  However, it WAS in my dashboard as a draft.
Well, I posted the bloomin' thing, why did it go to a draft instead?

Who cares. I have a hundred drafts in there that will never be posted, that one joins them. I almost always would just rather start over and do another one fresh if enough time has passed, which it definitely has.

My pastor writes me an email to my company email account today (which is no problem, was just a bit surprised to find it in there).  Haven't really heard from him in almost 3 weeks now.  He asks me how I am doing and such.

I replied that Sunday, I had a splitting headache almost all day long (the truth, thank you) and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  Mentioned a few other things that were of no consequence and then stated that I was also having some mind battles, of which I did not elaborate.

He wrote back and talked about the groups and how he thought that would help me out and this and that.

Yes, and I responded.  I spoke about cliques and how they are human nature and are also quite prevalent at the church.  A few other things as well.  Back and forth thing, basically.  I pretty much laid it out on the line - but doing it nicely not in a wrathful or vengeance type of way - which he also responded to.  I like honesty in conversations, if nothing else, even if it's in a disagreement.  It wasn't a nasty thing.  I also told him I had been thinking about quitting the church altogether.

We left it at that - agreeing to meet  in person on some unnamed day - sort of works out that way with him.

Well whatever.  The day is almost over, I got busy with other things.  There is nothing new going on in the neighborhood.  There isn't much new going on at work, though at the same time, there is always something going on, just nothing that I can or should relate here.  I read in the news frequently - and today in fact - about companies that want to look at blogs, Facebook accounts, this and that.  Yes, I know that.  I have always known that.  At work if you are using a company computer? Every keystroke is recorded.  Of course.  Emails; Instant messages; whatever you are doing in their network or working on the computer - it's all recorded, all of it.

I guess this shouldn't be surprising to anyone that is posting all kinds of junk about their work on whatever social sites such as Facebook or your own, personal blogging site.  If it's on the WWW, it's available to anyone, even IF you aren't doing any of it at work, on a work computer.



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