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Tomorrow's Today

I am going to have to get up early, yet again, for another early delivery tomorrow morning.  They want the product at the site by 7:00 am and that's that.  Well, imagine what it takes to get a truck loaded, strapped down, get the paperwork ready, the thing fired up, the entire shop opened up to be able to get all of it done, pull the truck out, close down the shop in order to actually LEAVE the yard, much less be there at 7:00 am.

No, you can't show up at 6:30 to be at a site at 7:00 under those conditions.  More like, be at work at 5:30 am - and I mean in the door, computer up, signed in and getting paperwork taken care of.

That always, of course, precludes any kind of morning blog entry.

So beit, though with my hours today and starting early tomorrow, I will be leaving early tomorrow as well.  Not that it bothers me, also means an early day tomorrow.

Well, I spent too much time attempting to find old friends and acquaintances on Facebook and looky here: time's up!


Thursday 2/23/2012

I was reading how to avoid getting speeding tickets.
I have finagled my way out of several of them over the years.
Once, going 75 in a 55 zone, not realizing how fast I was going.
I engaged the Highway Patrol officer in a discussion about hunting
and camping and after 30 minutes of getting absorbed in that conversation,
the officer basically came back to his job and said: "Oh, well, please slow down
and be safe out here".  Yes sir.  No ticket, not even a written warning.

Other tickets I have gotten out of the same way, basically. Getting cocky, cranky
or irritable with the officer?  Yeah.

Nowadays?  With any kind of ticket on my record counting against me, I would
have to go to court and at least try to fight it.  Being forced to stay home a day from
work with no pay doesn't exactly sound inviting, but that's exactly what my company
has implement for it's CDL drivers that get any kind of ticket or even just a warning.

That includes in my personal vehicle, not jus…