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This entire entry is not going to be about this incident.

However.  I was cruising along the 101 Freeway, southbound, approaching the Elliot road off-ramp.
I have traveled this stretch of freeway so often in the semi, I know what happens before it happens.  I am perched up high, I can see over all the cars ahead of me.

I am going 65mph in a 65 mph freeway.  But, I am prepared to shut it down cause' I know that at least the potential is there that the lane I am in is going to come to stop.  I am also looking WELL ahead of me, though I always do that anyway.

Sure enough, I get up to this portion of freeway - maybe a 1/4 mile before getting to the off-ramp and I can see 20 cars worth of brake lights, cars going off the side of the road into the emergency lane and your basic chaos and heterdyne situation.  I'm already slowing down but the 10 vehicles in front of me don't see what's going on ahead of them - or they simply aren't paying attention - or probably a bit of…

The Accident

I was cruising in the semi today on a 2-lane, country road out in farm country.
Yes, they do farm in the desert, believe it or not, mostly through the use of canals bringing the water to the fields.
I'm approaching this intersection and I'm seeing some strange stuff ahead.
There is a smashed up car blocking the lane I am in.  I get up to the light and realized this accident must have just happened. Well police showed up right as I pulled up.

The police officer blocks the rest of any access I might have had to get around this vehicle, but there was a good reason why: there was debris all over the road. You wouldn't want to drive over a bumper, glass and other various things laying in the street.  I was going to attempt to flip a u-ey in the dirt field on the other side of the street from me - but an apparent witness pulled his vehicle out of the intersection and effectively blocked that passage.  I can't back up cause' there are cars behind me.

I literally have no…

Fry's Electronics - Tempe, Arizona Piss Poor Customer Service

I have seen bad press/reviews about Fry's Electronics customer service all over the internet.  People bad-mouth the attitudes of the floor associates on a rather frequent basis.  Well, I am adding my two cents and agreement to such today.

I had called Verizon to find out what is wrong with this mobile broadband device.  After some discussion, the lady stated that the simm card needs to be replaced.  Great, how do I get that done?  Go into any authorized Verizon outlet and they will replace it for free.  Okay, can I take it back to Fry's Electronics, where I purchased the plan/device?  Yes, that will work fine.

I put it off until today.  I could not get on the internet with that thing at all.  It showed that I was in 4g network and that it was pumping out information, but my laptop was showing "no internet service" under the Verizon connection.

So, on the way home from work, a stop at Fry's Electronics.  I don't go there much because - yes - I don't much …