Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday 2/26/2012

The flu season starts and guess what?  Someone here gets the flu.  My son, Caleb, to be more precise about the individual.
My Catahoula mix is also not feeling very well.  She is plugged up so bad, I was amazed at the x-rays I saw today after I took her into a vet's office.  I had hoped whatever was going on would correct itself, but it wasn't.

That's been my day.  Vet and dealing with a sick kid.

What else is there?  Well, there are a lot of other things, but this is what I am dealing with and for now, that's quite enough, thank you.


How To Give Your Dog Mineral Oil

I can't believe some of the stuff floating around on the internet.  How to give dogs pills by hiding it in food and how to give a dog mineral oil by attempting to coat the dog's food with it.
Get a clue: a dog may be like a member of your family, but when it comes time for medication, let's get real here.  It's a DOG, not human infant!!
I took my dog to the vet today because she has been sick for over a week and I had no clue.  The vet took x-rays and showed me: she is literally full of - well dog dung to put it nicely.  He administered 2 syringes of enemas up her behind and then instructed me to do the same plus give her mineral oil.
He was all over this idea of mixing it with dog food.
Well she isn't eating and I don't do drugs like that with dogs, anyway.
He said to give her 2 shots worth and that's exactly what I did.

This is the easiest and fastest way possible to get this stuff into their system.
Grab the snout.  Pull up and back so that the dog's mouth is facing straight up.
I don't mean like yanking the dog around, be gentle of course, but firm.
Hold the snout firmly, I just use my whole hand and get a grip around the snout - with my palm inside her mouth, holding her upper jaw, basically.

Dump the mineral oil in there.  The dog has no choice but to swallow it.  It was very easy to do this with my dog today and I use the same method to give a dog pills.  Excepting I hold snout up with one hand and shove the pill down to the back of the throat with the other hand/fingers, far enough back that the dog has to do the swallow reflex and that's it.  Pills and mineral oil down the hatch, took less than 30  seconds and I don't have to sit around attempting to invent some "humane" way to coax an animal to do something it definitely does NOT want to do, end of story.

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