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Monday 2/27/2012

Safe? Their community is safe?  Is ANYONE safe in modern-day America?  A kid goes on a shooting rampage at a high school in Ohio, kills one and seriously injures more - now another student has been confirmed as having had passed away from the injuries sustained from being shot.  When a parent sends a kid off to school, does it cross their mind that yeah, some kid with serious problems or several kids in same dementia are going to show up to school, shoot your kid and he/she isn't going to come home that day?

It's utter and pure insanity.  If it was the first time it ever happened you might think a fluke.  But it isn't even close to the first time at this point and it seems to be becoming a "norm".  

Well whatever.  I had to show up to work early this morning which is why there was no entry this morning and I have to show up to work tomorrow early yet again.  I worked my freaking @$$ off today for almost 11 hours straight, non-stop and I am tired.  I came home to …