Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday 2/27/2012

Safe? Their community is safe?  Is ANYONE safe in modern-day America?  A kid goes on a shooting rampage at a high school in Ohio, kills one and seriously injures more - now another student has been confirmed as having had passed away from the injuries sustained from being shot.  When a parent sends a kid off to school, does it cross their mind that yeah, some kid with serious problems or several kids in same dementia are going to show up to school, shoot your kid and he/she isn't going to come home that day?

It's utter and pure insanity.  If it was the first time it ever happened you might think a fluke.  But it isn't even close to the first time at this point and it seems to be becoming a "norm".  

Well whatever.  I had to show up to work early this morning which is why there was no entry this morning and I have to show up to work tomorrow early yet again.  I worked my freaking @$$ off today for almost 11 hours straight, non-stop and I am tired.  I came home to a dog this is still in misery and can't release all the poop stuck up in there.  I have given her numerous enemas since I came home, plus mineral oil plus forced her to drink Gatorade.  She hasn't eaten since Friday.

She is looking BAD at this point.  Her skin is pulled tight against her ribs because she hasn't been eating.  She looks like a dog you would see on TV on that show that the animal control people go to and film views of dog that aren't being fed.  Well, I have been trying to give her CHICKEN, that is her favorite food on earth and she won't even touch it.  I read online from vets it's safe to give dogs Gatorade and I have been giving her doses of that since I got home.

If we weren't slammed to tomorrow at work, I would have already asked to be able to show up late so I can take her to the vet.  They said if what I am doing doesn't work, then she will have to be left there for the whole day and will have to have enemas all day long and if necessary, yes, a finger will have to be lodged up in there in the rectum to dislodge the stuff.  Gross.  It was gross enough for me to get over the enema up the ass bit, I am NOT sticking my finger up a dog's ass, even if there is a plastic glove on it.  If Wednesday isn't slammed as well and this thing hasn't relented, I am definitely going to simply tell my manager I will have to show up late - vet offices don't open at 6:00 am that I know of, and that will have to be that.

Ohhh, you can bet that I am not the most joyous person right now.  I am giving my dog a couple of aspirins tonight regardless.  She is in agony and I cannot just sit around watching it without offering something to help it.  I had to get up in the middle of the night last night and get out the carpet cleaning machine - she had dribbled on the carpet in my bedroom.  I had left the door ajar but somehow it was shut enough that she couldn't open it and that was the reason that occurred - that dog will NOT do that kind of thing in my house if she is able to get outside.  I have given her the last of the enemas today.  It will have to wait until tomorrow morning to give her another before work and then whatever needs be done when I get home.

But, I am increasingly concerned about the fact that she hasn't been eating and how long can a dog go without eating ANYTHING?  Hence the Gatorade, at least there's something in there to give some kind of energy.  It isn't food but it's better than nothing.  She is one of the best dogs I have ever had in my entire life and to lose her to something like this would be devastating to me.  If you are a person that thinks it's stupid to love your doggies, that's fine, but don't tell ME about it because I will tell you where you can stick it.

Again, I am not in the greatest mood ever after having been pulling orders most of the day and delivering it some of the day - pulling material that is so extremely, unbelievably heavy and just knocks me out and then having to come home and tend to my dog for hours, it's definitely taking a toll on me.

I don't know, sometimes life sucks so incredibly bad.

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