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Coco is dying.
I have no other conclusion than that.
I have given her the antibiotics, but it appears it's too little, too late.
She simply refuses to eat anything.  When I say anything, I mean chicken, beef, canned dog food, dog biscuits, whatever.  I cannot force the dog to eat.  She is so weak she can barely walk and at the point she can't walk? That's the end.  Dogs that can't get up and move around are dogs that do not live.
It seems unbelievable that I've had that dog to the vet twice and still nothing good has become of it.
She has been starving herself for about 2 weeks now and of course, you can't live forever without eating.  She took a LITTLE food yesterday, when I say little I mean like a couple of teaspoons full.  After that, she would have none of it.  I wish I knew what else I could do for her, but I don't know and I can't continue to ...........