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Friday 3/2/2012

My internet speed is down AGAIN.  I continue to have to call Qwest/CenturySucks to get it fixed.  Today, I called corporate.  I asked the executive whatever dude to look at how many times I have had to call for this same issue, over and over.  Wow, he states, several times in the last MONTH alone!  Yes, but your company thinks it's perfectly acceptable that "well all you have to do when it's doing that is call in", as if I WANT to have to call in several times a month.

I then ask about the reduced rate internet service that is guaranteed price with no contract for 5 years.  Yes, he states, but you have internet only, you don't have phone service with us.  To get that promotion, you have to get a home phone line as well.  I told him the reason WHY I got rid of their home phone service: it didn't work, either and I continuously had to call them to come out and "repair" it, which never lasted very long and then, kablaam, right back a square one.

Oh.  H…