Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday 3/6/2012

Every passing day is getting much better.
There's one thing that is definitely true about grief: You do NOT want it to go on forever.
It is far more draining than most things that come at you in life.
I got off work today and went to the pound.
I could not believe how many Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes were in there. I'm guessing 75% of the dogs in that place.  I have absolutely no inclination, whatsoever, to have a dog that has any Pit Bull at all in it.
I don't care about the so-called experts statements that they are not a bad breed, it is THE breed I read about that kills it's own human family members and basically mauls people to death.  I don't really like the way they look, anyway.

There was only one, single dog in the entire place that had any allure to me, but, it wasn't really what I was looking for, so I passed on all of them.  I had an excuse to go in there: had to pay the Dane's license fees, which were already overdue.  Allegedly, if my dogs get out and they have current, paid-up tags and Animal Control catches them, they will try to bring them back to your house, first, before taking them into the pound.

I also slept pretty well last night, which was a big help today.

Anyway, I just bridged a big hurdle-  something I couldn't even get myself to do on Sunday, and that is go out front and water the plants.  Coco would always be out there with me, always.  I decided to let the Danes come out there and help me along with this..........but it wasn't too terribly tough anyway and those Danes are always getting in the way of things.............lol.

Well, I'm a bit tired but I think I am going to force myself to go to the small groups tonight, anyway.  It'll make me that more tired and ready to go to sleep when I get home, starts in 55 minutes.



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