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Tuesday 3/6/2012

Every passing day is getting much better.
There's one thing that is definitely true about grief: You do NOT want it to go on forever.
It is far more draining than most things that come at you in life.
I got off work today and went to the pound.
I could not believe how many Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes were in there. I'm guessing 75% of the dogs in that place.  I have absolutely no inclination, whatsoever, to have a dog that has any Pit Bull at all in it.
I don't care about the so-called experts statements that they are not a bad breed, it is THE breed I read about that kills it's own human family members and basically mauls people to death.  I don't really like the way they look, anyway.

There was only one, single dog in the entire place that had any allure to me, but, it wasn't really what I was looking for, so I passed on all of them.  I had an excuse to go in there: had to pay the Dane's license fees, which were already overdue.  Allegedly, if my dogs ge…