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Well This Isn't Very Much Fun

I mean, I went as far as a nationwide search for the hoopla of it, there are some of the same mixed breed I am looking for here and there, but definitely nothing near HERE.  Yet, anyway.  I dunno, maybe some other breed of dog will totally capture my fancy and I will do something completely different.  I have never, now that I think of it, repeated the same breed twice.  Visla; German Short Haired Pointer: German Shepherd Mix; Great Danes; Catahoula Mix; Golden Retriever; Chihuahua; Rat Terrier; dogs when I was a kid and I didn't know what breed they were - neither did my parents.  

Okay, here goes my heart to melt mode again, I just now opened a letter that came from the emergency clinic, specifically from the vet that had to do the dirty work.  I am going to just post, verbatim, her hand written note:
"I send you my heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time of loss.  Coco was a very sweet girl, and was so lucky to have so much love in her life. May the memory of Coco an…

Wednesday 3/7/2012

Hump day already?
Well there's a full day's worth of stuff to do at work and I have to be there early, yet again.
A fire burning out of control in the southwest valley.
Crazy.  I was driving home yesterday and was on the ramp that goes over I-10 from the Superstition Freeway to the I-10 eastbound and looked over to my right - west. Are those clouds?  Off to the west looked to be cloud formations but they were low.  I couldn't figure out what it was until I got home and read the news.  A farmer decided to do a "controlled" burn on a day that was slated to have 40 to 60 mph winds.

How do you control a fire with that kind of wind going on? Obviously, in this case, you don't.

Well whatever.

I went to the small group at church last night - but it was a waste of my time.  I was too tired to get into any of it.  It starts late and ends later.  If I'm getting up at 4:00 am, going to bed at 9:00 pm the night before isn't very helpful, at all.  So, I'll …