Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well This Isn't Very Much Fun

I mean, I went as far as a nationwide search for the hoopla of it, there are some of the same mixed breed I am looking for here and there, but definitely nothing near HERE.  Yet, anyway.  I dunno, maybe some other breed of dog will totally capture my fancy and I will do something completely different.  I have never, now that I think of it, repeated the same breed twice.  Visla; German Short Haired Pointer: German Shepherd Mix; Great Danes; Catahoula Mix; Golden Retriever; Chihuahua; Rat Terrier; dogs when I was a kid and I didn't know what breed they were - neither did my parents.  

Okay, here goes my heart to melt mode again, I just now opened a letter that came from the emergency clinic, specifically from the vet that had to do the dirty work.  I am going to just post, verbatim, her hand written note:
"I send you my heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time of loss.  Coco was a very sweet girl, and was so lucky to have so much love in her life. May the memory of Coco and the good times you shared live on in your heart forever. Sincerely, Dr. Crane"  I was over the tears until I read that note.

Wednesday 3/7/2012

Hump day already?
Well there's a full day's worth of stuff to do at work and I have to be there early, yet again.
A fire burning out of control in the southwest valley.
Crazy.  I was driving home yesterday and was on the ramp that goes over I-10 from the Superstition Freeway to the I-10 eastbound and looked over to my right - west. Are those clouds?  Off to the west looked to be cloud formations but they were low.  I couldn't figure out what it was until I got home and read the news.  A farmer decided to do a "controlled" burn on a day that was slated to have 40 to 60 mph winds.

How do you control a fire with that kind of wind going on? Obviously, in this case, you don't.

Well whatever.

I went to the small group at church last night - but it was a waste of my time.  I was too tired to get into any of it.  It starts late and ends later.  If I'm getting up at 4:00 am, going to bed at 9:00 pm the night before isn't very helpful, at all.  So, I'll pay for it today.


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