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Thursday 3/8/2012

What started out as going to be a short day in terms of deliveries ended up to be a marathon. BUT, there was one big difference today than many other days, that being that I had to wait for long periods of time at deliveries and even pickups.
I take all the junk with me with my laptop anymore in the truck. Junk being the DC to AC converter and the charging cord for both the computer and the mobile broadband device.  Oh, was I ever-so-loving glad I did today.  I bet I spent 5 hours sitting in the truck with nothing to do - nothing, of course, unless you have a laptop computer that has internet access.
When I am able to engage myself during the day during the waiting periods, I don't get sleepy and lethargic.  Which generally helps the day go by much easier than if I'm just sitting there taking short naps.

It's also nice to recharge the computer off the semi DC outlets : )

Umm, tomorrow is Friday already.  It has been a long and a short week at the same time.  I cannot ge…