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Friday 3/9/2012

I was running on OT today and wanting to go home, frankly.  But, 3 more deliveries that had to be done - leaving the yard at around 1:20 pm.
I found a gorgeous, beautiful Catahoula on the internet.  Problem?  Dog is in Kingman, 180 miles away and this particular adoption agency won't adopt a pet to you without a home visitation first.  Nixed that one off the list, they aren't going to drive 180 mile, one-way, to visit my house, lol. I just wrote them an email describing the situation.

Meanwhile, I have been looking to rent a pickup truck with a fifth wheel plate to haul that trailer up to the mountains myself.  Penske will not rent a semi tractor to an individual, only business.  I could haul it up there with the tractor at work, but I am not even going to ask about it - I have used company truck in the past with permission to haul things here locally for personal use, but never anything outside of town.  If something were to happen, whoever gave the permission would probably…