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The Roof

Freaking trailer roof.
Endless job.
Took forever to get the old screws out of the roof to remove the vent. They get filled up with sealant and you have to push down hard on the tool to try and force enough sealant out of the slot to get the tool into it to turn the screw out of there.  24 screws.

Now?  The grinder I bought was admittedly a cheap piece of junk: brand new junk off of Harbor Freight shelves.  Problem?  It heats up in about 2 minutes to the point you have to shut if off, let it cool off for 20 or 30 minutes and then resume. It's half done at this point, using it to clean all the old sealant off of the metal down to the metal.

Trying to at least get it all cleaned up by the end of today and then maybe tomorrow put the new vent on it.

Another card came in the mail today, just a few minutes ago.  It was a card from my regular veterinarian.  They had been notified of Coco's demise.  They sent me a very nice card and everyone that works there signed it.  Actually, I …

Saturday 3/10/2012

I believe I have found the dog.
I have done a lot of searching on the internet that last couple of days, including daily searches that county shelters - there are 2 of them in the Phoenix area.  I found a Catahoula that was absolutely gorgeous - but 8 years old!  Who would get rid of their 8 year old dog?    I don't know, but I was looking for something much younger, at least figure to have a number of good years with it before the inevitable, starting off at 8 years, who knows.

Anyway, I am going to meet the dog tomorrow afternoon.  It's a private shelter.  The people running it have a farm, basically and apparently have all KINDS of animals there.   Got into a conversation with the person running it, no real requirements excepting the following:  Do you have cats?  NO, not a cat lover here.  Good, she replies, because this dog doesn't like cats, either.  She apparently doesn't do cat rescues, lol, as she stated she doesn't like cats at all.

I don't know what …