Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday 3/10/2012

Well I have been preoccupied all day long, so no entry til' now - just before going to bed.
I did not go to church this morning because I did drive 50 miles out to the middle of the desert to get a doggie.
I was led by a Ford pickup - extended cab, raised, diesel engine, 8 foot bed - down a nameless dirt road to another nameless dirt road.  Ummm, not really comfortable driving down that in a low rider car, but made it without a problem driving very slowly.  

In the middle of nothing was a house, a barn, stables and horses.  We're not talking shabby here, either.  Nice property. Greet the lady that is taller than I am, I'm 6 feet 2 inches: she is skinny and very amiable introduced herself and we shook hands.  A man walked out of the house and we were introduced as well.  

Okay, let's meet the dog.  Taken to an enclosed pasture with numerous dogs in it, though I recognized my dog from the get-go.  Much smaller than my Danes, probably around 40 to 50 pounds, absolutely gorgeous. Didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out which eye is dead - it was obvious and blanked out.  

Brought her home, yes I did.  She is laying on the floor, next to me.  Very cool dog, very sweet dog, very lovable dog and a very obedient dog that knows basic commands.  Oh, and very beautiful dog  as well.  I don't need 3, giant dogs.  She's a darling.  She is also very tired out from the living conditions - not bad living conditions but I am guessing not very good for sleeping.  I removed the bedspread on the doggy bed in my room today and put another one on it.  Yes, Coco had relieved herself on it and the mattress below, which has also been removed.  My Coco.  Well let's not get started on that.  But I soooo miss that dog.

I dunno what else.  I just wrote about Coco and put myself back into that funk again.  I try not to go there, but I can't help it when it comes.



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