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Monday 3/12/2012

So I have a big, gaping hole in the roof on  my trailer.  Okay, I did it on purpose.  Just gotta get back up there and finish the job.  I don't have any plumber's putty which is why I didn't finish it - just so happens my company sells the stuff and getting it at cost means paying almost nothing for it.  You are supposed to coat the screws with it before you put them in the roof to hold the new vent in place.

Sophie - the new doggy - is adjusting well.  She wanted out once in the middle of the night - definitely got up to allow that to happen but there were no accidents on my bedroom floor when I got up this morning, very nice thing.  She started out laying on the bed I have for the dogs and ended up laying on the floor next to my bed.  She's a follower, no doubting about that.  Whatever I am doing, she is right there in the middle of it.

Weekends - they always disappear too quickly.

Afghanistan in the news yet again.  The dude that killed all those people has now s…