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Tuesday 3/13/2012

So it's like Tuesday the 13th. Which has no bearing on anything but it suddenly dawned on me this morning I have several payments to send out that need to be there shortly, so, okay.

The new doggy has fleas, I have figured out.  She will be getting a flea/tick shampoo later on today and then Hartz liquid put on her body and that will wipe them out.  I will have to get the stuff for my Danes as well, since fleas don't care what dog they are on.  They aren't scratching - yet - only a matter of time. Fortunately, fleas are a relatively easy thing to get rid of once you realize what the problem is.  Ticks are a different story - I HATE those things!  The pest control dude pretty much keeps a handle on the tick problem around here, though.

The basically get to my property from the unkempt properties next door.  Ants as well, though I would far rather have ants crawling on my property than ticks anyday.  Anyway, the people behind me have piles of dog poop laying around and that…