Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday 3/13/2012

So it's like Tuesday the 13th. Which has no bearing on anything but it suddenly dawned on me this morning I have several payments to send out that need to be there shortly, so, okay.

The new doggy has fleas, I have figured out.  She will be getting a flea/tick shampoo later on today and then Hartz liquid put on her body and that will wipe them out.  I will have to get the stuff for my Danes as well, since fleas don't care what dog they are on.  They aren't scratching - yet - only a matter of time. Fortunately, fleas are a relatively easy thing to get rid of once you realize what the problem is.  Ticks are a different story - I HATE those things!  The pest control dude pretty much keeps a handle on the tick problem around here, though.

The basically get to my property from the unkempt properties next door.  Ants as well, though I would far rather have ants crawling on my property than ticks anyday.  Anyway, the people behind me have piles of dog poop laying around and that is nice stuff for ticks.  They love it.  The pest control dude soaks the back fence very nicely to deal with all of that and said he would spray over the fence, but he isn't legally allowed to do that.

Yes, and those people aren't legally allowed to have a bunch of dog feces laying perpetually all over the place, either.  I dunno, but all of these neighbors have turned on themselves in the last 2 months, I am no longer the focus of their - boredom I would call it, people who have nothing better to do than to try and make life miserable for others - so, I hear the news here and there but say nothing.   I rarely even see 350 man anymore, he's either bothering the neighbors on the other side of him or in his house, apparently.

Well whatever.  Gotta git to work.



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