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Saturday 3/17/2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Another excuse for people to go swimming in green beer and get extremely drunk.  I might have a couple, but won't be going anywhere near that far with it.  I am part Irish, BTW.

I got up at about the time I had planned on this morning, maybe just a wee bit earlier.  Got on the net and did my usual things and then.........headed out doors.  Lots of tree trimming needing to be done, some plants too, got a good jump on it.  But, with the threat of up to two inches of rain being dumped allegedly starting tonight and going all day tomorrow?  I had to get that vent installed.

Yes, I considered just covering it up, but it was time to get the misery over with.  I really am not a fan of standing, sitting, kneeling there - take several positions to keep comfortable - putting in 30 screws.  But it's done.  Still needs some caulking around the edges and then coat it with the special, white coating.  But the hardest part is done.  I still have one, much sma…