Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday 3/17/2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Another excuse for people to go swimming in green beer and get extremely drunk.  I might have a couple, but won't be going anywhere near that far with it.  I am part Irish, BTW.

I got up at about the time I had planned on this morning, maybe just a wee bit earlier.  Got on the net and did my usual things and then.........headed out doors.  Lots of tree trimming needing to be done, some plants too, got a good jump on it.  But, with the threat of up to two inches of rain being dumped allegedly starting tonight and going all day tomorrow?  I had to get that vent installed.

Yes, I considered just covering it up, but it was time to get the misery over with.  I really am not a fan of standing, sitting, kneeling there - take several positions to keep comfortable - putting in 30 screws.  But it's done.  Still needs some caulking around the edges and then coat it with the special, white coating.  But the hardest part is done.  I still have one, much smaller vent to go - 6 screws on that one, but I didn't remove it yet.  So, that will stay like that until after the rain.  There is also another area where there is a huge conglomeration of that elastomeric coating is, it's all going to have to be brought back down to the metal, thoroughly cleaned and then see what I need to do about it.

So, 2 more drudgerious (made up word, have been using it for decades) things left to go on it and then I can finally say it's done.  Will be doing that soon as I do not want to be up there in the heat, at all.

Absolutely gorgeous day today.  I was going to water plants, but if it really rains like they say it is going to tomorrow, it would be a waste of water.  If it were to ever rain around here with any consistency, I would definitely build a system to collect the water into barrels and re-use that water to water my plants.  Whatever the case, I am hoping it will rain as they say it will and the ground gets really saturated.  I need to put some lodge poles in the ground to stablize some trees.  Much easier to do when the ground is wet.

While I was up on the trailer roof, I saw the hummingbird.  She definitely has a nest in there somewhere.  Their nests are so small, they are next to invisible.  The size of a small leaf.  To find it means at least finding the right tree and then trying to find a needle in a haystack scenario.  Not impossible, but you can easily glance over it even if you know where it is, much less attempting to locate it for the first time.  It was - well it was fun and strange at the same time - last year watching the little birdies grow.  Unfortunately, the nest was too small for both of them.  One of them died and ended up smashed at the bottom of the nest while the other when grew and grew.  He/she hung out around here for a long time after it got to the flying stage.  Not sure if it's still around or not, there are so many hummingbirds I can't really tell.

Long break.
Motivation running out.  I have been pruning trees for quite a while now.  It's the time of year to get them pruned and growing in the direction you want them to, which is up, not sideways.  The trees beside my house tend to want to start growing sideways instead of going up.

Anyway, that's it.

Have a great Saturday/St. Patrick's Day!


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