Sunday, March 18, 2012

I went into the 5th wheel trailer a bit ago to check again.  It rained a bit again, just looking for leaks.  I had all the dogs come in, too.  Duke - 150 pound Great Dane - can leap up and over the stairs and right into the trailer.  Sophie, the new doggy, easily passes right by the stairs on her way through the air.

Prince?  Tried and tried, but he wouldn't try to jump.  So I picked him up and put him in there.  The axles on the trailer are inverted - meaning the trailer sets way up off the ground.  They do that when people intend on taking a trailer into terrain that can't handle "low rider" stuff in bottoming out.  The stairs are not compatible for dogs, a much larger set with smaller increments would work.  Regardless, I had all 3 of them in there. Kinda of a small space for as much dog was in there, but we'll figure it out.

I sat there with the intrigue of going up to the mountains as much as possible and a solemness that Coco won't be there.  I know, sounds crazy, but I talk to my dogs.  Always have.  I told her a bunch of times that we would be going to the mountains this summer.  A promise that will only be kept by taking her ashes up there.  She has been to that property several times in the past, she absolutely loved it.  But, I told my other dogs the same thing.  They had no understand of what I meant.  They will start to understand it "Wanna go to the mountains?" as I say that and then we head out.  They'll get the idea that it's time to get in the car and go for a 2 plus hour drive up to a place that is MUCH different than the place they "live at".  A place where I don't have to keep them on leashes and that they can run free.  I don't have to worry that animal control is going to come along and pick them up, or that they are going to encounter other dogs or humans.  Well, there are other dogs and humans up there, but no that many and almost never do you encounter them while on walks in the woods.

I also sat there and wondered if life was going to throw me any other curve balls before then.  Then pretty much being the end of May when my mother will be going up there and I will arrange to have the thing hauled up there.

If I were to live my life in the fear of what might happen, I would never do anything or get much of anything done.  So, I put it out of my mind.  Most bridges are only meant to be crossed if and when you get to them.

It finally started raining again.  Heavy winds are blowing so the rain is coming in sideways against the sliding glass door.  Between a light and moderate rainfall.  I had hoped for this hours ago.  It would be cool if  it started pouring rain and I could hear the sound of it.  Instead, it's too light to even hear it hitting the glass or the roof.

I'll actually be glad to eventually get both of those trailers out of here. It will open up the west side of the house and will also let the trees over there start to get full sun again.

Well that's it. I am still pondering and pouring over the message at church this morning.  There is much to ponder.  I feel the winds of change coming, but I don't know what it is.


Sunday 3/18/2012

So last night.  I'm sitting out here, enjoying the evening, an hour before it's time to go to bed.  Caleb comes walking out of his bedroom and hands me his phone: "someone wants to talk to you".  Okay, I answer the phone: hello?

You and Caleb are hanging out tonight?, comes a young sounding voice over the phone.  "Yes, I replied, he's my best bud".  Who is this, was my question and looking at Caleb.  My name is so and so, was just trying to find out if Caleb was hanging with you tonight.  Okay, well have a nice evening.  

He gets done with the phone call and I, obviously, am asking him WHAT, exactly, that was all about.  He had been asked by several of his friends to be a designated driver, knowing that Caleb neither drinks nor does drugs.  They wanted him to drive them to a party out in the desert where they would be doing both drugs and alcohol.  He had given his friends the excuse that he was home, hanging out with his dad.  Well, he was home, we hang out here and there, so there.  He didn't WANT to be their designated driver, he didn't want anything to do with it and so I commend him for finding a way out of it.  Though, if it were me, I would have just flat out told them: No thanks, don't want to go to the desert and be subjected to a bunch of drugged up people for an entire night and really, I don't really appreciate using me as your driver simply because I choose not to do the same kinds of things you are doing.

But that's me.  I was glad to be of help to him to get out of that situation, regardless of the fact that I had no clue what was going on while I was on the phone with his friend.

Rain. Finally.  It rained last night, for how long I have no idea, but everything was wet this morning.   It was supposed to basically rain all day long, but it's been sporadic and not that heavy.  I'll take it over nothing, thank you.  I checked the trailer on the roof vents.  One of them leaked badly every time it rained.  No a drop of water to be seen anywhere today : )  Which makes it ready to put new carpet in that area.  Also makes it ready to put the new mattress in there - the new mattress that I don't have, lol.

I am still wishing that it would just start pouring rain and go on for at least a couple of hours.  Just now looking at the radar, there is still plenty of chance to get a nice deluge of water from the sky yet to come and still some daylight hours left to enjoy it.  Hoping.

Church.  I went.  It went on for 2-1/2 hours but I was totally into it today.  Well, excepting at the end.  I wanted to get out of there and get to Walmart and get that over with - out of dog food and needed a new pair of steel toed boots for work.  I wore the current pair down to holes in the soles.

The rest of today?  Ummm, nothing much planned.  The trailer roof is wet or I would probably get up there and start on that other, small roof vent.  It's a vent for the sewer, basically.  All sewer systems in homes or trailers have vents in them.  You might have some problems with the stuff actually going down instead of up and out if you didn't have vents on them : )  Anyway, this particular vent is broken, the cap is missing and yes,  water can and probably is getting in through there.  Oh well.

Bought some nice, over-priced pork chops at Walmart and just devoured a couple.  Meat is pretty much over-priced everywhere now.  Inflation.  High inflation.  This is what some of the doom and gloomers  have been predicting would happen in 2012 for  about a year now.  The rest of their predictions I TRULY hope do not come to pass, but if it does, coming soon and in 2012.

The Obama administration and spending.  It's a farce.  Obama wants power over everything, this is his goal, it's obvious and it's determined, calculated and very probable if he gets another 4 years.  He wants to control everything and apparently he thinks he has the right to do so.  Socialism, coming to a city near you.  Maybe it's already here in some forms.

Well, I am not going to ruin my afternoon dwelling on that s***, not worth it.  How much of my taxes, though, is reasonable to give to all the different forms of government?  Well, it's FAR beyond anything I would consider reasonable already.

Anyway, despite the fact that radar shows different shades of green covering the city - meaning rain - I have sunshine.  I love sunshine, don't get me wrong, but I want the rain, darnit!


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