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I went into the 5th wheel trailer a bit ago to check again.  It rained a bit again, just looking for leaks.  I had all the dogs come in, too.  Duke - 150 pound Great Dane - can leap up and over the stairs and right into the trailer.  Sophie, the new doggy, easily passes right by the stairs on her way through the air.

Prince?  Tried and tried, but he wouldn't try to jump.  So I picked him up and put him in there.  The axles on the trailer are inverted - meaning the trailer sets way up off the ground.  They do that when people intend on taking a trailer into terrain that can't handle "low rider" stuff in bottoming out.  The stairs are not compatible for dogs, a much larger set with smaller increments would work.  Regardless, I had all 3 of them in there. Kinda of a small space for as much dog was in there, but we'll figure it out.

I sat there with the intrigue of going up to the mountains as much as possible and a solemness that Coco won't be there.  I know, s…

Sunday 3/18/2012

So last night.  I'm sitting out here, enjoying the evening, an hour before it's time to go to bed.  Caleb comes walking out of his bedroom and hands me his phone: "someone wants to talk to you".  Okay, I answer the phone: hello?

You and Caleb are hanging out tonight?, comes a young sounding voice over the phone.  "Yes, I replied, he's my best bud".  Who is this, was my question and looking at Caleb.  My name is so and so, was just trying to find out if Caleb was hanging with you tonight.  Okay, well have a nice evening.  
He gets done with the phone call and I, obviously, am asking him WHAT, exactly, that was all about.  He had been asked by several of his friends to be a designated driver, knowing that Caleb neither drinks nor does drugs.  They wanted him to drive them to a party out in the desert where they would be doing both drugs and alcohol.  He had given his friends the excuse that he was home, hanging out with his dad.  Well, he was home, we hang …