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Do you remember:
 Life before the microwave oven?
Without remote controls?
Before cellphones?
Satellite or cable TV?
Color TV?
Cars with carburetors?
800 incoming call centers?
An endless list.
Seriously.  You could sit around and think about this stuff and keep coming up with more and more - if you are old enough, of course, lol.

When microwave ovens came out, I wanted nothing to do with them.  I was terrified of the idea of eating something that had been "nuked" - a term that didn't even exist at the time they came out  but clearly defines my fear at the time that they may, somehow, be irradiating or otherwise poisoning my food somehow.  I refused to use them for years, but eventually caved in.

I also had the same fear when cell phones came out.  What are THOSE things putting out?  Right up to your ear, right next to your brain.  It seems, however, that that fear is not completely unfounded.  I don't talk on phones much anymore and I don…

Monday 3/19/2012

Apparently, people in some parts of the U.S. are already paying 6 dollars per gallon for fuel.  Diesel fuel is inching up towards the$5 mark around these parts.  Another 4 years of Obama?  Yeah, no thanks.
If one were to believe the radar map over Arizona, then one would logically conclude that a good portion of the northern part of the state is being snowed on right now.  And that the Phoenix area still has some rain coming down.  Having a travel trailer up north, in the mountains, might have some potential for a nice snow getaway - but in the winter, you have to put antifreeze in the pipes to keep them from bursting, meaning that little getaway would not have running water.  Hmmm, but it would have heat, either propane sourced or electrical source.  I have 2 propane heaters in the thing - a furnace and a radiator type of thing and then the AC unit also has heat.  Wherever they had this thing before, it must have gotten cold there!
It will be interesting to see if anyone is working tod…