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Tuesday 3/20/2012 The Accident On I-10

I was cruising in the semi going back to the yard from our main branch.
Main branch is in downtown Phoenix, our yard is in Chandler.
I was on I-10, just about to hit the Salt River bridge - at the time of day
it was - a bit past 4:00pm, I always pull back. The bridge seems to be the starting point of a huge slowdown that turns into stop and go traffic.

There is a sea of traffic in front of me, I'm just trying to keep a good distance between me and whatever is in front of me. There is a box truck up ahead, 2 lanes over.  I'm not watching it in particular, it's just there.  It is a large, 6 wheel truck that has a box on it that is as tall as a semi trailer and about - 30 foot long truck anyway.  I am always watching as far ahead as possible, looking for brake lights - and I saw a bunch of them going on all at once.

The next thing I know, this box truck is slamming on it's brakes, slides sideways and then rams head first into the center median wall.  The truck was prob…