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Friday 3/23/2012

Another work week just about past.  I have been going into that Intel plant every day, several times a day.  It's been going on this way for quite a while now and frankly, I am getting sick of it.  I haven't been on  a "long" run in a long time now and I need a bit of diversity here to mix things up.   Instead, I am going to be going back to that plant at least twice again today.  It's the new fab buildings they are putting up and the company we are servicing requires a lot of material, all the time.
The guards know me by name now.  Not just my first name, either.  When I walk up to give them my paperwork, it's "How's it going, mr. Ben B?" - full name though of which, of course, I will never post here.  Of course, there haven't BEEN any mountain or other runs in our service area - but there have been plenty in the main branch's area.  
I'm really trying to wait until summer before taking any serious time off, but I am feeling in need o…