Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday 3/23/2012

Another work week just about past.  I have been going into that Intel plant every day, several times a day.  It's been going on this way for quite a while now and frankly, I am getting sick of it.  I haven't been on  a "long" run in a long time now and I need a bit of diversity here to mix things up.   Instead, I am going to be going back to that plant at least twice again today.  It's the new fab buildings they are putting up and the company we are servicing requires a lot of material, all the time.

The guards know me by name now.  Not just my first name, either.  When I walk up to give them my paperwork, it's "How's it going, mr. Ben B?" - full name though of which, of course, I will never post here.  Of course, there haven't BEEN any mountain or other runs in our service area - but there have been plenty in the main branch's area.  

I'm really trying to wait until summer before taking any serious time off, but I am feeling in need of a good, 9 days straight off which would include 4 weekend days.  I want to do that up in the mountains, at my mother's property, in my trailer that hopefully will be up there by then.  Mark has been working on stripping the carpet in the areas that it must be taken out, which is the bathroom.  The stuff is stuck to the floor and apparently has been quite the paint to remove.  

My paycheck - which was direct deposited at midnight - was about $300 higher than normal simply because of all of this overtime.  Too bad I don't get ALL of the overtime money, then it would have been closer to $600 over.  Thank the government for taking a good chunk of change out of that OT.  At least the weekend is here, I am just plain tired and just want to rest.  

Well, anyway, I am going to force myself to get up on that trailer again this weekend and get that small vent done and then the rest?  Dunno.  My manager told me he was going to bring in his grinder to let me borrow it, but, as usual, he hasn't brought it in and has probably totally forgotten about it.  I didn't ask him to borrow it anyway, I didn't even know he had one, I was just asking him if he knew a decent brand that won't burn up so I can go buy one.  I am not going to ask him about it, just blow it off and find one if this other piece of junk burns up, which I am sure it will because I am just going to run the thing until the motor dies on it and then it's going to go into the trash can.  Next?

I don't know why tenants think I am in a talkative mood in the mornings, especially this early, but sometimes it happens.  I don't want to talk, I just want to sit here and do my thing on the computer for the few minutes that I have with it and then get up and go to work.  I'm a bit grumpy this morning - tired is the cause, woke up several times last night - and I would rather go back to bed right now than haul my @$$ off to work, but I have no choice in the matter and so, in 10 minutes, it's off to work I go to spend another day in the Intel plant or running around all over the place picking stuff up to go.........where else............into the Intel plant.  I probably shouldn't complain about it, but it gets monotonous.  Same place, 2 or 3 times a day, every day.  Plus other sites thrown in to make sure that the schedule is pressured because everyone wants their product right now.  

I think I'll stop this entry now.  I keep writing like that and I'll get depressed or something!



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