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A Few Hours

Break time.
I went to Denny's and sat at the counter - usually get better service at a counter than at a booth in that particular location.  Very nice looking and sweet young lady was my server.  She made several corrections during my visit which made it particularly nice, not to mention repeatedly visiting me to make sure everything was good and drinks were filled.Corrections being taking the hash browns back before even serving them to me - I said nothing about them and would have eaten them the way they were, but I had asked for extra crisp and they were not.  Took a cup of coffee she had just poured, looked at it and said no, this isn't good, dumped it out and actually went to the server station in the middle of the place to get a fresh cup for me!  I didn't ask for any of it and I was in a very good mood, I would have just taken whatever and been happy with it. I got service you would expect at a much finer restaurant with much higher prices and yes, I tipped according…

Saturday 3/24/2012

Another Marathon work day yesterday.  About 1:00 pm, I'm sitting at the main branch, calling the salesman on the account that is working on the new Intel plant.  "I'm down here, right now, is there anything ELSE that we are doing today?". He calls all the supervisors out there and they tell him, no, they are good, don't need anything.

So, I take the load I have on the truck to, where else, the Intel plant and figure the day is over after that.  2:00 pm.  Salesman calls, I'm still sitting on the site waiting for yet another contractor that we are also delivering goods to out there.  The call is telling me that I am going to have to run all over west Phoenix, pick up all kinds of stuff, go back to the yard, pick up more stuff and then deliver it - today, being yesterday.

Balk. It will be at least 5:00 pm, if not later, I reply, and they will have gone home by then.  The plan changes, just get the stuff we have at our yard he will go to 2 of the places, the 3rd…