Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 3/25/2012

Can you believe March is close to being over already?  Wow!
May will be here before I know it.  Yes, I know I skipped April, May is when I intend on having that trailer moved up to the property when my mother goes up there.
In the meantime, I am STILL trying to nab a queen sized mattress for the thing. Craigslist is SO full of flakes, it's ridiculous.  I've offered what they are asking and they still don't get back to me, but some of it has to do with the fact that I need it delivered and many people, I am finding, can't deliver.

I opted out of church today.  One of those moods, I guess, I simply didn't feel like going and am not going to stress over it.  They always ask whenever I don't show up - my excuse this time? I will simply tell them: long work week, tired, just didn't feel like going, sorry.

I replied to an ad with a mattress for sale.  The conversation went such and such in emails and then, a few hours later, I called him.  He said he isn't leaving until 2 Fridays from now and would need the mattress.  Okay, whatever, I can wait.  So the discussion went until he got to this part: Well, we are going to have to meet up and you are going to have to pay for it in advance.  The apartments I live in will charge me such and such if I leave anything behind in there and I want to be 100% sure that you are going to take the mattress.

Yeah, in a PIG'S EYE will I give him or anyone else any money in advance for something being bought off of Craigslist and I FLATLY told him that on the phone, wished him a nice day and hung up.  Lunatic.  He called back - I did not answer, I told him I was no longer interested: I am NO LONGER INTERESTED. He then emails me.  Blah blah blah.

Craiglist is a strange world and there are some pretty strange people that you may encounter from time to time if doing business on it or even frequently.  The guy could offer me the thing for free at this point and I wouldn't take it.

In fact, after thinking about it, I am at the point where I really don't WANT to sleep on someone else's used mattress.  Well, you know, sometimes there are ads in there for a very nice mattress that was in a guest bedroom that wasn't used much.  If true, that doesn't bother me.   Whatever the case, I don't have unlimited time, but this guy's mattress?  He can sell to someone else.  Yes, he totally changed his tune after I gave him a dose of reality, but who cares.

There is no argument in my mind, whatsoever, that the Obama administration would like to do away with gun ownership, period.  It will never happen, but it's certainly one of his major agendas whether he wants to state that as such or not.  The Stand Your Ground law in Florida isn't much different than what we have here.

I do not have to retreat if someone enters my home or my car.  The fact that a person is entering your home is enough to use deadly force.  That is, of course, up to the homeowner with the gun in his/her hand.  Hands in the case of a nice, large, extremely threatening-looking thing called a 12-gauge shotgun.  I don't live in a nice area and I have no qualms with deadly force when it's called for.

But from reading numerous news accounts - which is all I have to go on and if you go on what you have read - the man that shot that kid in Florida was not standing his ground.  He was chasing after the kid.  He was told by 911 operator to stop following the person.  There isn't any good reason for a block watch captain to go around attempting to detain people, call the police if you really think there is something wrong and let them deal with it.  I mean, if the kid was breaking into a home, different story. Obviously, there are a lot of facts that we probably don't know about, but for me?  Standing your ground doesn't mean going after a person that is walking down a public street, minding his/her own business, confronting the person because you are suspicious and then ending up shooting that person.

Which is the point.  Get rid of the laws that help innocent people defend themselves, right?  This is exactly what is going to happen and is already in the beginning stages of it.  One incident that makes national headlines and stays in the national headlines for days and days is enough to being consideration retracting all such self-defense laws?

The hummingbirds are fighting out there. They have been for quite some time now.  Mama doesn't want any other hummers coming around her nest and she will get into a serious fight over that issue, as I have witnessed many times over.  Don't even think about flying over this property, is her statement to them, if you do, you are going to receive my wrath.  And her wrath? I've seen it doled out several times over.  Fierce looking fighting while zipping through the air and pecking at the other bird.  I have a lot of flowering plants right now, not to mention the red liquid feeders, pretty tempting, I am betting, for a hummingbird looking for new territory.  I don't think that's going to happen. I don't really know, only suspect, that this particular mama is the same bird that hangs out around here year round.  There are times when there are a dozen of them around here feeding off the feeder, but mostly, she takes issue with all of them and defends her territory.

It is an amazing thing to watch.

My next door neighbor has finally poured the slab for his new home.  At the rate he is going, it will be a decade before that house is actually built and lived in.

I have gotten almost nothing done today and could care less.  I got plenty done around here yesterday and worked my @$$ off at work the 5 days previous, enough for one week.

Whatever the case, enough for one entry.  A couple more hours and then off to bed.


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