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Sunday 3/25/2012

Can you believe March is close to being over already?  Wow!
May will be here before I know it.  Yes, I know I skipped April, May is when I intend on having that trailer moved up to the property when my mother goes up there.
In the meantime, I am STILL trying to nab a queen sized mattress for the thing. Craigslist is SO full of flakes, it's ridiculous.  I've offered what they are asking and they still don't get back to me, but some of it has to do with the fact that I need it delivered and many people, I am finding, can't deliver.

I opted out of church today.  One of those moods, I guess, I simply didn't feel like going and am not going to stress over it.  They always ask whenever I don't show up - my excuse this time? I will simply tell them: long work week, tired, just didn't feel like going, sorry.

I replied to an ad with a mattress for sale.  The conversation went such and such in emails and then, a few hours later, I called him.  He said he isn't l…