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More of 'The Craigslister'

So, this guy writes me back after I tell him all of that - that I know his line of work, where he works, the name of his wife, his home city of Philadelphia and the idea that I would just forward this email of his to his superiors, as I put it, and see how they feel about one of their employees in such a high level job making such unbelievable statements as he did to me.

His tones were WAY down.  The cussing was gone, the only threat he had left was his lawyer.  Lol.  That he would sue me for slander and defamation of character.  First off, threats from lawyers no longer have the effect on me they once had 25 years ago.  This is because lawyers intentionally throw all kinds of legaleze at people and threats of this and that and what would happen to you if they follow through with their threats.  In most cases, it's at LEAST 90% hot air and probably more than that.  They are trying to scare you to get you to back down and not do anything at all - or stop whatever it is that is &qu…

Monday 3/26/2012

So, after I dismissed this guy that had a mattress for sale, he writes me back and goes into a tirade, cussing, shooting off at the mouth, making unbelievable statements that I won't even repeat here. My email to him was NOTHING of this nature.

The guy has his entire name written on his emails and further, he was dumb enough to tell me his line of work.  It took me all of 30 seconds to find his Linkedin and Facebook accounts, where he works, his home in Philadelphia, etc etc etc.

Anyway, I started this entry too late, I have to leave for work!