Monday, March 26, 2012

More of 'The Craigslister'

So, this guy writes me back after I tell him all of that - that I know his line of work, where he works, the name of his wife, his home city of Philadelphia and the idea that I would just forward this email of his to his superiors, as I put it, and see how they feel about one of their employees in such a high level job making such unbelievable statements as he did to me.

His tones were WAY down.  The cussing was gone, the only threat he had left was his lawyer.  Lol.  That he would sue me for slander and defamation of character.  First off, threats from lawyers no longer have the effect on me they once had 25 years ago.  This is because lawyers intentionally throw all kinds of legaleze at people and threats of this and that and what would happen to you if they follow through with their threats.  In most cases, it's at LEAST 90% hot air and probably more than that.  They are trying to scare you to get you to back down and not do anything at all - or stop whatever it is that is "offending" another person or entity.

Well, I wrote him back.  Sick your lawyer on me: you have defamed yourself by your own words.  It's not here-say, it's your own email.  You wrote that email after I demanded that you not write back to me.  You are the one that acted like a 5 year old getting cocky on an elementary school playground.

I was not backing down, was the point, I had no reason to back down - after he had demanded payment up front for something that I wasn't going to get for 2 weeks, I just said not.  Not happening and where you ever got the idea that anyone is going to give another person money for nothing is unknown, but in my world, it doesn't happen.

He writes me back again.  This time, the threats were entirely void of the conversation.  No lawyers, nothing. A man in his position with a person like me having enough of his personal information that I can tarnish his image at the very least?  Yeah.  I'll bet he doesn't pull that crap with people online ever again, or if he does, at least the thought of potential consequences will come back off the dusty shelves of his mind to give him thought to possibly not go that route.  He ended his much humbled tones with an apology.

That's all I was looking for.  My issue with him is over with that apology.  Let's get real, folks: whatever we say online can be found by just about anyone.  Facebook. Twitter. Blogs.  I say alot on this blog, but there are certain things I won't say or lines of thought I won't go into.  I may have in the past, but no more.  My Facebook account?  I only have it to play that Zynga game, otherwise I wouldn't even use the thing.  I have found a lot of interesting and even wonderful people that I communicate with through that game, which is the only reason I still play it.  I had thought of deleting my Facebook account until I started with that game and then started talking with people - normal people I might add - from all over the world. Well, there are the crazies, too, but I have "gelled" with a couple of dozen people at least which makes me not want to get rid of FB at this point or delete that game.

Well, got home early 2:00 pm.  That's definitely early for me currently.  There was only one delivery - which turned into 2 - in the system.  I got those done and put stuff away, cleaned up a bit and left half an hour early.  I figure that sometime this week, I will go over hours again and I will still end up with OT regardless.

Caleb called me this morning - I don't get calls from Caleb while I'm at work unless something is wrong, I was hoping that car hadn't broken down again.  Well, it WAS the car, but not a breakdown: he had locked himself out of it.  He was extremely lucky that I had JUST happened to pass by where he was at only a few minutes earlier.  Otherwise, I would not have been able to help him since I was on a run to pick up material and deliver it to a job site.


Monday 3/26/2012

So, after I dismissed this guy that had a mattress for sale, he writes me back and goes into a tirade, cussing, shooting off at the mouth, making unbelievable statements that I won't even repeat here. My email to him was NOTHING of this nature.

The guy has his entire name written on his emails and further, he was dumb enough to tell me his line of work.  It took me all of 30 seconds to find his Linkedin and Facebook accounts, where he works, his home in Philadelphia, etc etc etc.

Anyway, I started this entry too late, I have to leave for work!



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