Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday 3/28/2012

Church: small groups.
Last night.
Took my chicken sticks, big hit, which was nice.
We all sat down at tables, had some conversation.
After about 30 minutes of eating and talking, the group leader brings up a subject for everyone to share their stories on.
He shared one of his and then the lady-that-never-shuts-up shared hers.  
Then someone else.  Then the lady-that-never-shuts-up. 
Then another person.  Then the lady-that-never-shuts-up.
I shared one and then the group leader hijacked my story - I could tell stories of my missionary days for hours, but I wasn't about to do any such thing.  Instead, I went on for about a minute before the leader took my conversation out of my mouth and started making it his own.
Which irritated me - well that's an understatement but since it's church I let it go.

Then this lady-that-never-shuts up started telling story, after story, after story.
I was ready to get up and walk out to be honest.  If the leader of the group can't find it within himself to take control of the situation and do whatever needs to be done to - get that woman to shut her freaking mouth - well I am questioning whether I will be going back.  I don't know WHY - ANYONE - thinks that anyone else wants to hear them speaking ALL the time. 

It was so bad in the end that she actually interrupted someone else that was trying to speak and started talking over the TOP of that person!  Unbelievably rude and selfish - MY opinion and thoughts are more important than anyone else's.  


It's time to go to work.  

I am going to write the pastor about this situation at small group and find out his thoughts on it, though, it may put him in an unenviable position, so beit.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...