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A Problem

It is interesting to watch people who take pleasure in other people's nightmares.  I'm not talking politics here, that's a whole different story.  To "take pleasure in another man's calamity" is something I have never quite understood. You know, a person hates another person.  The hated person has something horrific or very bad happen to them and then the hater laughs and mocks the person either behind their back, to their face or both.

I mean, okay, Osama bin Laden.  There's a guy you can say good riddance to.  Well, whatever.

All plans are on indeterminate length of time hold right now.  Situation at work and the potential to - not be employed anymore.  Can't and won't go into it on my blog.  I can only say that I still love my job at my company, there are a good share of problems but, you find that at any place of employment.  I would have liked to have been promoted by now, but, I do like the responsibilities that determine my job description…

Thursday 3/29/2012

Ouch.  Large mortgage payment went through - 2 month's worth.  Coco situation sort of aggravated my financial position, but I had to pay that down to zero.  I haven't made my mind up about short selling the house and until I do, the mortgage obviously must be paid.

I got off work late yesterday - didn't get home until after 5:00.  Long days equal getting much of nothing done around the house, especially on that trailer.  My manager didn't bring in his grinder because, he stated, he couldn't find it.  I am just going to go buy another one from Harbor Freight - though this time I will buy one with a bigger motor and hopefully last a bit longer.

Regardless, I got caught up in reading the news this morning and just realized's time to be off to work.  Another full day, perhaps, dunno, but this morning is definitely going to be quite busy with all kinds of orders in there to pull, load and take out to jobsites.