Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday 3/30/2012

Well, that was fun.
I had Sophie out front - have had her out there several times now - but this time? She took off.  Fast.  Fast little doggy.
She's gone, too.  I chased her in the car, caught up to her several times and got out, only to have her look at me as if I were a complete stranger and take off running (which I will admit here pretty much pissed me off that she wouldn't even give a hint of recognition).  She finally got into an area where my car wouldn't go and I can't catch that dog on foot, she is far too fast for me.  I tried driving around the area for a good hour, but, she's gone.

Good thing I don't have any great attachment to that dog yet.  She has a collar and it has a number to call if she is caught, so, maybe I will see her again some day, who knows.  She was running right out in front of cars on a busy street, not so sure she is going to last too long running around doing that.

Situation at work is in limbo.  No idea, really.  I am going to try to get my mind off of it cause' it isn't going to do me any good to worry about it perpetually.

Back to the dog, the neighborhood kid comes walking in here 15 minutes ago saying he had seen Sophie back in this neighborhood and tried to catch her.  Yeah, good luck.  She isn't listening to anyone.  I got in my car again and drove around this entire area several times, didn't find her.  Even if I did, though, I have doubts that I would have been able to get close enough to her to grab her collar.

Another extremely long interlude.  I gave up on the dog, the dog apparently did not on me.  She came back - an amazing feat in itself, a dog that can actually find it's way home. She was next door, the neighborhood kid lured her with a piece of meat and then grabbed her collar and brought her back in my gate.  I gave him a $5 reward. That kid smells to high heaven. He comes in here smelling so foul, I can hardly stand it, I have to cover my nose the smell is so strong, as if he never takes a bath.  The dog is laying there with this pathetic look.  If that isn't a dog that knows she has done something wrong, I dunno what it is.

Whatever.  I'm done with this.


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