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Friday 3/30/2012

Well, that was fun.
I had Sophie out front - have had her out there several times now - but this time? She took off.  Fast.  Fast little doggy.
She's gone, too.  I chased her in the car, caught up to her several times and got out, only to have her look at me as if I were a complete stranger and take off running (which I will admit here pretty much pissed me off that she wouldn't even give a hint of recognition).  She finally got into an area where my car wouldn't go and I can't catch that dog on foot, she is far too fast for me.  I tried driving around the area for a good hour, but, she's gone.

Good thing I don't have any great attachment to that dog yet.  She has a collar and it has a number to call if she is caught, so, maybe I will see her again some day, who knows.  She was running right out in front of cars on a busy street, not so sure she is going to last too long running around doing that.

Situation at work is in limbo.  No idea, really.  I am going to…