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Care And Treatment Of Small Ponds - Starting Up A New Small Pond

I am a small pond enthusiast and have been doing it for going on my third year now.
If you are just starting out with ponds and especially if you are doing small ponds, then perhaps I can help you bypass a lot of guesswork and get what you need right from the get-go. First off, I live in the Sonoran desert in southern Arizona.  It simply means during the summer, the temperatures in my ponds go up substantially, especially my pond out front of my house that can hit 95 or even high degree water temperature.
Amazing how Koi and Goldfish can withstand such temperatures.  I do throw in ice during the summer, but it's not like it's a cool swim for those fish in there after I throw it in there, just brings the overall temperature of the pond down a couple of degrees.
Well, let's get started.  First off, the filtration system.  If you are going to have fish in your pond, you are going to need filtration.  I spent quite a while reading all kinds of information about this particular su…

Saturday 3/31/2012

Last day of March.
Temps are just starting to move up here.
Nothing horrendous yet, but it's definitely getting a bit warm out there.
Just spent quite a bit of time on the east side of the house pruning more trees and putting poles into the ground to help keep them standing straight up.  Rosemary was out of control, pruned those 2 bushes back quite a lot as well.
Front yard looking good.  Front yard pond doing very well.  The water lily plant I have in it is sending lots of new leaves - good thing because that is the only thing the fish have to hide under in that little pond.  I have it directly in the middle of it and it provides good coverage for them, will get even better as more leaves pop up out of the water.
Next pond needing attention is on the east side of the house.  Umbrella plant has also sprouted out of control and am going to need to cut out a lot of it.  I might run a Craigslist ad and see if anyone is interested in them.

Besides outdoor activities in working on my …