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Sunday 4/1/2012

April Fool's Day on a Sunday.  Fancy that.
I was going to post something on FB - totally not true thing - but decided against it, lol.  Something like McDonald's having free food all day long if you give them the code word of Mikkey Q's (not Mikki D's).

I went to church today and came out of that completely enlightened - or at least - feeling like a load has been lifted off of me.  WHATEVER happens at work concerning a current situation, I am comfortable that the Lord is in control of my life and that I only need trust in Him.  I will hope for the best.  If it doesn't work out the way I would like it too, then it must be time to move on.  To what, no clue and not going to worry about it.

Life is what it is - and it doesn't go on forever, at least not on earth.  I have always had to remind myself of that little factor when things start getting a bit rough.  I could live in one of those trailers on the side of my house on a farm somewhere and be as happy as I am …