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Who the BLEEP is Obama to tell the Supreme Court what to do?  What a big, ugly joke this President is.  This is WHY we have 3 branches of government, the check and balance system, remember?  You know, the Judicial branch, the Executive Branch and the Legislative branch?  Obama must be sweating it to make the statements he was making today.  What is he going to do, send the Marines to the Supreme Court if that court doesn't bow to Obama's demands?

I have no idea what kind of ruling is going to come out of the Supreme Court, but the so-called experts, judging from the questions the Justices asked, are leaning toward an overturn of at least one part of it and if so, potentially all of it.  Here's what I am 99% sure of: the Justices in the Supreme Court could care less what Obama attempts to dictate to them, they are not there to appease a President, they are there to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  I don't care what side of the political realm they are on, …

Monday 4/2/2012

One of the Danes definitely could not hold it all night long.
Fortunately, he woke me up before he did anything on the floor.
Poor doggy.  When either of those Danes gets the runs, it usually
lasts several days.  Whatever the case, I let him out of my bedroom and
he high-tailed it for the doggy door.  I decided that he can just stay out of
my bedroom for the night in case that little bit of misfortune was going to hit again.

Been doing some serious pruning of most trees on the property.  Also driving
in lodge poles to help keep the trees growing in the right direction.  The rope I
bought yesterday to tie down the mattress to the car will now have a secondary
use: tying up trees to those poles.

Umm, well anyway.  I continue to see people posting the "date of their death"
all over the internet, as has been the case for some time now.  A program that
predicts the date of your death and people asking if I am going to do it?
Are you kidding?
Why would I want to give some piece o…