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I Have A 55 Gallon Barrel...............

.............was the lady's reply to my question of whether she has a pond.  I see.  Well, I mean, whatever.  I am thinning out the excessive amounts of plants in one pond.  I gave her the entire plant.  I have another one right next to it that is just as large.  So no biggies.  I realized, however, after removing a large amount of fiolage, ie: that large plant, that it had created a large void in the pond for the fish to hide in.  So I moved the remaining plant into such a position to give cover for the fish.  I am going to thin that plant as well, but not too much since fish really WANT to have hiding places.

It's just the way they are, natural instincts, prolly in their DNA.  The need a place to hide in the natural against predators.  They actually ARE predators here that can be a serious threat, namely: Heron. They love pond fish.  My horse trough pond is immune to them, they can't walk into that pond.  But the pond I am thinning the plants in? No such luck.  A heron …

Tuesday 4/3/2012

Another day, another mind full of things that I am contemplating.
Actions not taken because of consequences unknown - or - consequences known and not quite ready for what will come.
Not going there right now.
Anyway, now that I have the mattress for that trailer, the next thing on the list is a microwave - one that will fit into the hole that was made for it.  Dunno how that is going to work out, really. I'm not a fan of small microwaves that don't have enough room for large plates or much of anything, really.
Also definitely not a fan of low wattage microwaves that take twice as long to nuke your food as, say, an 1,100 watt or higher will do.
No hurry I guess.  Still have some time.  I was glad to get that mattress and get it in there - though I still have yet to squeeze it through that narrow doorway to get it into the actual "bedroom" itself.  I couldn't do it alone because I will have to fold the thing down in the front while someone else is pushing it from …