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Wednesday 4/4/2012

I still would just love to hear any of the Supreme Court's justices thoughts on Obama's - threat really - to uphold his "signature bill" - Obamacare.  I mean, really.  Just pure arrogance to hear this guy - I listened to 2 videos yesterday of him actually making the comments - mouthing off to the Supreme Court.  I still want to know what, exactly, he is going to do if they strike a portion or the entirety of the law down?

Whatever.  Mark somehow got that mattress in that trailer bedroom yesterday.  I dunno if he had Lynnette helping him or what, but it's done.  That mattress is WAY thicker than I envisioned it looking in there, but hey, at least it will be extremely comfortable.

I'm getting closer now to getting down with the major issues on the trailer.  Which is good, cause' it's already April and May will be here before you know it.  I had an offer on an ad I posted almost a month ago for someone to move the trailer: $300.  You can't beat that…