Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday 4/4/2012

I still would just love to hear any of the Supreme Court's justices thoughts on Obama's - threat really - to uphold his "signature bill" - Obamacare.  I mean, really.  Just pure arrogance to hear this guy - I listened to 2 videos yesterday of him actually making the comments - mouthing off to the Supreme Court.  I still want to know what, exactly, he is going to do if they strike a portion or the entirety of the law down?

Whatever.  Mark somehow got that mattress in that trailer bedroom yesterday.  I dunno if he had Lynnette helping him or what, but it's done.  That mattress is WAY thicker than I envisioned it looking in there, but hey, at least it will be extremely comfortable.

I'm getting closer now to getting down with the major issues on the trailer.  Which is good, cause' it's already April and May will be here before you know it.  I had an offer on an ad I posted almost a month ago for someone to move the trailer: $300.  You can't beat that with a stick.  125 miles pulling a trailer for $300?  I wonder if the person is just looking for an excuse to get paid to drive up to the mountains, lol.

I am going to measure the "hole" for the microwave and then go looking.  It's going to be too much to ask people to give the dimensions of one they might be selling on Craigslist, I'm probably going to opt for a new one in this case.  Not that I really want to buy a brand new one for something that will get relatively small amount of use, but I know if I ask people to give me the dimensions of a microwave they are selling on Craigslist?  Uhhh, I don't know, maybe a foot and a half wide by a foot tall?  Will be most of the answers if not even more vague than that.

And then there's the carpeting issue.  I am half tempted to just take on the project myself.  Probably about $50 worth of carpet that I can get at Home Depot with the gift cards I got for Christmas.  I tend to hang on to gift cards for a long period of time until I finally remember that I have them and then light pops up:  Oh, hey, it won't cost me anything out of pocket, I'll just just my gift cards! I have had gift cards for 2 years before using them and fortunately, they didn't "expire" as some of them apparently do.  Isn't that convenient?  The card, which was paid for with cash, apparently loses it's "value".  I've only read about it in the news, I have never had that happen to me.  If it had, it would open up a firestorm of communications with whatever levels of management I would have to speak with until I got the issue resolved - in my favor of course.

There are still a few issues on the roof, but the big stuff is done.  Which it certainly took me long enough to finish, lol.

The situation at work has not changed.  But, I am now comfortable with whatever happens.  My life will not be over if something negative happens and that's that.  I am getting the cold shoulder from certain individuals at the main branch, don't really care to be honest.   I'm already almost 4 hours into OT for this week and 3rd day hasn't even started yet.  I would like to get off a bit earlier today, hope that happens actually.  I might just stop in at Home Depot on the way home from work and takealookit some carpeting and see if they have anything that catches my appeal.

Time to head off for work.



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