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They're Leaving?

So, I'm at work this morning, around 9:30 am.  I was done with deliveries for the day, actually.  There wasn't much today which really didn't bother me.  A freight truck came in with about 16 crates and pallets FILLED with material.  I knew what I would be doing for the next several hours, at least.

Well we're trying to get the crates out of there - they were turned sideways and a pallet jack cannot pick up a pallet from the side, whoever loaded that truck like that must have - well anyway, I go get the chains. I have enough chains in the trailer sidebox on my truck to stretch out at least 200 feet.  Then I get a phone call.

First, it was Josie.  My now-passed best friend's wife.  I could not take that call, I was busy and I can only guess how long it would take, so I just let it ring and go to my messages.  Right after that, I get a call from my home phone.  I took that call, I don 't get calls from home unless there is a problem.

Lynnette is on the phone, s…

Friday 4/6/2012

Mother finally threw in a concession last night while I was on the phone with her, a concession I had given up on.
She said: "You know it takes 3 days for the electricity to get turned on up there?", totally out of the blue.  Uhhh, okay.  "Well, I know you, you might just get a wild hair and want to go up there".  Yup, I do get wild hairs sometimes, no doubting that.

I replied that though the weather up there might not be so great for her, it's already perfect for me.  So it gets cool at night, no biggies to me or the dogs.  So, that sorta puts a bit of a fire under my feet: she's cool with me taking the trailer up there earlier than when she wants to go up there.  Maybe I'll shoot for the 1st weekend in May.  There are still plenty of things to do with that trailer, though the only really time consuming thing left that I know of is to replace the carpeting.

So, this weekend, I think I'll see about getting that carpet from Home Depot and getting i…