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Saturday 4/7/2012

Well anyway.
I have been working outside most of the day.  A few spurts on the internet here and there and a trip to the bank and a couple of stores.  Specifically: Home Depot. I wanted to get started on revamping the drip irrigation system out front - though I must admit I like standing out there and water the stuff with a hose.

I also found a nice stretch of carpet for the trailer.  It was one that was already cut, rolled up and sitting in a bin with a several other rolls of carpet that were marked down.  The trailer doesn't need a lot of carpet.  I got enough to cover the area that needs to be covered for $44.00 - marked way down from it's original price.  It's high quality carpet, too.

Installing it, of course, will be a completely different story.  I had too many other things going on to deal with that, though.  I spent the entirety of my gift cards on that carpet and all that material to fix the drip system, which has various problems throughout the entire system bo…