Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday 4/8/2012

Happy Easter.
Nice day, today.
Went to church and saw a lot of new faces there.
But, that's typical with Easter.  People will go to church
for Easter and not go any other time.
There was a huge dinner after wards - I mean there was a
lot of food and it was all good stuff.  Good fellowship, great day at church.

I have decided that I am going to take a week off in June - if I am still employed lol -
and spend most of it up there with the trailer.  I would like to take some time off sooner
than that, but I would end up spending it here, at home, and I have had more than enough
of "staycations".  A couple 3 years of it not including the short trip to San Diego and going
sport-fishing last year.  It will cost me in fuel and whatever electricity I use up there, it
will cost nothing more since the dogs have to eat wherever they are at and so do I.

I have officially been invited to visit and old missionary friend that I haven't seen in years and didn't even know was still alive.  Just one problem with it, though: he now lives in the Philippine Islands, lol.  I would love to visit the Philippines and definitely would love to visit my friend, but my goodness.  How much does a round trip flight to the Philippines cost? Not in any current budget, I can guarantee you.  Back-burner material: not completely out of the question but right now or anytime in the next coming months - probably not.

2 Easter dinners today.  Just got through with the second one after consuming a nice portion at church.

I was looking at this rather heavy, small, rectangular box thing with Coco's ashes in it.  No, I'm over the grief.  But I'll never forget, just after Coco was put down and I was leaving the facility, a lady that was in the waiting room out front.  It probably didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what just happened in my life with tears running down my face and blood red eyes (which is why I was extremely glad they took payment in the room instead of having to deal with that after the fact, up front, at the main counter).  She gave me the most endearing smile I have ever experienced or seen in my life.  Like she knew what happened and was attempting to convey that knowledge and empathize with me, all in a smile and look on her face that conveyed more words than an encyclopedia.  It will never leave me - and in a very good way.  There is still good in the human spirit in this world.

Facebook.  I started looking for people after people started finding me in Facebook. I had no idea that I would end up talking with so many people from my past.  In fact, I didn't even think it possible - what is Facebook, anyway? the time.  So, one of the persons I attempted to find was a kid that used to live with us when we were living in the mobile home park.  He spent 2 years living with Caleb and I.  He has Aspberger's Syndrome; is bi-polar, has ADD and something else that I don't remember.

Yes, quite a cocktail making up for a person that has a very hard time dealing with even the most elemental things in life.  Well, he ended up leaving, his mother couldn't take care of him and he went to live with his dad.  I found out a month ago that they moved to Alberta, Canada.  No clue.  I found him on Facebook and contacted him.  He couldn't remember who I was.  This kid lived with me for 2 years and couldn't remember me at all?  Yes, I thought, they have him so drugged up he probably can't remember yesterday, much less several years ago.

Well, I just let it go.  Then today, he writes me back as if we had been talking forever - most people probably haven't been around people with Aspberger's - it's a VERY unusual disease/condition/whatever that makes people with it think much differently than you or I.  He was fully cognizant of who I was and told me he is coming back next year and will want to visit me.  He should be in his 20's at this point, but I guess that kid is not really destined to do much but live under his parent's roof.  Which is kind of a shame, in some respects, he is an extremely intelligent person, very focused on ONE thing.

Just interesting stuff, at least to me.

However, this one's growing long.

Happy Easter - again!


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