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Sunday 4/8/2012

Happy Easter.
Nice day, today.
Went to church and saw a lot of new faces there.
But, that's typical with Easter.  People will go to church
for Easter and not go any other time.
There was a huge dinner after wards - I mean there was a
lot of food and it was all good stuff.  Good fellowship, great day at church.

I have decided that I am going to take a week off in June - if I am still employed lol -
and spend most of it up there with the trailer.  I would like to take some time off sooner
than that, but I would end up spending it here, at home, and I have had more than enough
of "staycations".  A couple 3 years of it not including the short trip to San Diego and going
sport-fishing last year.  It will cost me in fuel and whatever electricity I use up there, it
will cost nothing more since the dogs have to eat wherever they are at and so do I.

I have officially been invited to visit and old missionary friend that I haven't seen in years and didn't even know was stil…